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Created with Passion

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4 months ago

Life was created

By uncreated God

We are blessed

With pair of Eyes

A pair of hand and foot

A brain to choose

A heart to feel

A mouth and Ears

You are created with Love and Passion

Yet you complain

How lucky you are?

To have those completely

And your blessed to have those incomplete

Human are sinful

You're unique and Beautiful

How far your eyes could see

Are you amazed

Yet this life is short and a test

The end will come in every creation

What's your goal afterlife

You have Heaven and Hell where do you wanna fall

Booked of your life will judge you

To determine where you spend your internal Life hereafter

Every action you made was recorded to your own book

We couldn't lie

Your own judge is your whole body

Crazy as it can be

But every part of you is not for nothing

We are smart

We understand this


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Love this poem. Meaningful and realistic 🥰

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4 months ago

Like comments subscribe to me please 💖🌝

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4 months ago