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Airdrops Beginners

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Airdrops are the best thing to do in this #crypto Era because you can earn a free token to any project you may join. Airdrops are easy to do they will ask you to follow their social media mostly on Twitter, telegram, and Facebook pages which are very easy to do you can do in just a few minutes.

Airdrops simply mean giving a token for doing an easy task. you can get a small part of that token and hold it till it is listed to exchangers then make them cash or still hold them for a long run. though not all airdrops are legitimate most of them are fake projects who do some hype then run away.

Doing airdrops are easy and nothing to lose at all will the fact that you will put a little effort into doing this. and the return or result will be worth it or nothing at all. if you participated in a project with great potential then your efforts are worth it. there are some airdrops that moon after listing to major exchanges such as Binance and others.

Is it Free?

Airdrops are free to do as you do task exchange with a little number of tokens you participated in. If you participated in a project or airdrops then ask you for eth or bnb for a fee then think twice because they should not ask as we join because we will do task to exchange for the toke and that should be free. most projects that asking for money or dm you are a scam so you should be aware of that.

What do I need to start participating in Airdrops?

You need social media accounts to used in doing tasks. This is the way of devs to spread their token for free without spending too much they used airdrop hunters to promote their token in exchange they earn or they get rewards for the token they promote. The commonly used Social Media accounts are:

Telegram: This is the first I think you need to have before you can participate in airdrops. most projects are using telegram where they can get 20k plus participants in their project some are potential buyers and observers. maybe the reason why dev chooses telegram is that they can add more than 20 000 people is a group chat that we can't find in other messaging Apps plus the bots that they can use inside the telegram App.

Twitter: We know how Twitter influences people. we can see there is more cryptocurrency project on Twitter which might the reason why dev using Twitter to promote their project plus those crypto enthusiasts.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the social media that you need if you want to start in airdrops don't worry they will only ask you to like their page and share their pin post then ask for your profile link to verify that you like and follow their page.

But sometimes they will as you to subscribe to their Youtube channel, follow them on Instagram or Linkedln. They ask sometimes to follow their Medium channel where they publish articles for updates in their project. That's why you need to have those social media we should forget Reddit. just have an account ready just in case you participate in a project where you need to use them.

What Cryptocurrency Wallet Do I Need?

Of course, you need to know that there is a crypto wallet that you need to have where you can hold or keep the crypto token that you may earn from airdrops you will participate in. As you may know, there are lots of project and their Block are either in Ethereum or ERC20, Binance Chain or BEP20, and Tron block or TRC20 for sure you heard them if not then hopefully this helps. What are the wallets I need?

TrustWallet: Trustwallet will by its name is one of the trusted cryptocurrency wallet that you can use in participating in airdrops. They have this dapp feature where you can easy to use it by pasting a link that dapp based too not a pro so I don't know what exactly to call it. Trust wallet support that tree blocks. it's a multi-wallet to say.

Safepal: This is new to me and currently I don't have this wallet I haven't try it but some users say it support BSC (Bap20) and ERC20 wallet. it safe and launch the last yr. I don't know if they have a website wallet like MEW but they have an App so if you want to try this wallet just simply search it on play store or Apple store.

My Ether Wallet (MEW): MEW I think only supports Ethereum block as of now or ERC20 based. this is one of the first wallets that I use when I start participating in the airdrop project back in 2017. It's secure and you need to store your Private key or Minimunic to a safe place for me it's better to write it down. you can open a wallet here or download the App simply by searching it on google play.

airdrops are easy to do but you need a lot of patient by doing this and the return will surely make you happy or nothing at all and I assure you that there are lot of people who earn not just 5 digits by doing this simple task every day. every day there are a lot of projects that are happening.

Use telegram to follow some airdrops channels just search airdrops on the search bar. Good Luck and hopefully you can earn as well there is a lot of good tokens and those tokens with value start from nothing too with the help of airdrop hunters.

Credit to @genie he earn this from airdrops. months of waiting but worth it.

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2 months ago
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