Terrible ghost story

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3 years ago

Name: Sagar Kumar. I am speaking from Jamla village of Jessore district, Monirampur police station. An event in my life that I want to share with you.

An incident that happened three years ago today has turned my life upside down. The incident is centered on our house. Our house was built in a haunted place. There is a crematorium about 100 yards from the house.

The day I woke up in the house, I spent the night alone in the new house. At first I didn't think anything of it. When I woke up at half past two in the morning with a loud noise. I closed the windows well before going to bed. The word is to open and close the windows. I was shocked, I closed the window and fell asleep. So how did the windows open?

After that I got up and went to close the window. When I closed the window, my eyes went to a jackfruit tree a little away from the house. I was terrified by what I saw. A woman was wearing a white sari. She was groaning in the pain of death with a rope around her neck in a jackfruit tree. She could not see her face in the dark. I quickly closed the window and went to bed.

About 30 minutes later a sound came to my ears from the next room. The sound was the sound of opening the door. The sound that comes when the wooden door is opened slowly is just like that sound. Since the house has been renovated, no electricity connection has been provided yet. I took my mobile phone and went to the next room in fear.

I will never forget what I saw after that. A horrible figure is standing in front of me. I hit the light on his face from the mobile. I was shocked to see his face. I could not breathe for fear. I tried to scream, but didn't read.

It's horrible to see him. His face looks like a month old Pancha Las. Her eyes are bright red.

It is as if the light of the mobile is flashing. After watching this horrible scene I fainted.

The next day I regained consciousness. Later I came to know from the ears of old people that 20-25 years ago today a woman died with a rope around her neck. Many have not seen the woman under the jackfruit tree.

Those who commit suicide do not have the speed of their soul. Their souls wander. As long as their soul is moving. Then the house is closed with Kabiraj and worship is done in the house. From then on this problem is fixed.

From then on, nightmares started coming. Dreams are so horrible that I can't sleep the night I dream. Not to mention a dream. The dream was terrifying. Suddenly it was dark all around me. Then the surroundings became a little clearer. Like a full moon night.

Then I see the innumerable graves around where I am standing. Some graves are broken and destruction is coming up. Seeing that, I started running hard. But the graves around me are not ending. If I am running, the running path will not end. Then I became so exhausted that I could no longer run.

I'm running. Suddenly I saw that figure standing in front of me. He was coming towards me. I tried to run backwards. But someone seems to have pulled my legs. I could not move my legs at all.

The figure came and pressed my throat. And I started to say in a huge voice that I will take you today. The body started roaring and started laughing in a huge voice. I screamed and groaned in my sleep.

Hearing the screams, my parents rushed to my room from the next room. They saw that my whole body was drenched in sweat. I was trembling and moaning.

They were very scared to see me in this condition. They quickly woke me up. They were surprised when they touched me. My whole body is cold like a snake. And I had a red rash of 5 fingers on my neck. The next morning I had a fever. I had fever for 10 days in a row.

For this I have shown many Kabirajs. It did not work. But I still do not know what that figure was. I sleep at my in-laws' house at night when my parents are not at home.

Dead children are kept in the crematorium. From time to time we hear the cries of dead children from the back of the house as we are cremated next to our house. The windows are kept closed at night. Otherwise, the fire of the cheetah can be seen burning in the crematorium at night.

A fakir said that it is not possible to break the house and move to another place. But now it is not possible. I still have nightmares tonight. Do I know when I will get rid of it? No! I will not get it at all.

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