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Kantichandra is young, but he has stopped hunting for his second wife and has focused on hunting animals. Long slender solid light body, sharp vision, infallible aim, in the opinion of the West in decoration;

Hira Singh Chhakkanlal, a wrestler, and Khansaheb, Minsaheb are very much back; Useless attendant - there is no lack of attendance. In the middle of the scent, Kantichandra went hunting along the beel of Naidighi with two or four hunter friends.

They live in two big boats on the river, and a group of servants in three or four boats are sitting around the village ghat. The villagers almost stopped taking water and bathing. The water trembles at the sound of gunfire all day long, and in the evenings the master of the village shouts.

One morning, while Kantichandra was sitting on the bat and carefully cleaning the barrel of his gun, he heard the call of a duck not far away and saw a girl holding two young ducks in her arms and bringing them to the dock.

The river is short, almost streamless, full of various algae. The girl leaves the two ducks in the water and goes out of control in such a way that Esta is trying to protect them with affection.

It was understood that the next day he would leave his duck in the water and go away, but recently he could not keep it safe for fear of the hunter. The beauty of the girl is very young, as if Bishwakarma has just left her. Age is hard to fix.

The body is developed but the face is so raw that no part of the family has touched it. The news that he has reached his youth has not reached him yet. Kantichandra slowed down after cleaning the gun for a while.

He was startled. I never expected to see such a face in such a place. However, this face was more popular in this place than in the inner city of the king. The flowers are decorated on the tree rather than on the army vase.

That day, in the autumn dew and the morning sun, the developed forest on the river bank was glistening, in which that simple new face painted a happy picture of Ashwin's upcoming arrival in Kantichandra's fascinated eyes.

Kalidasa forgot to write that the young Parvati used to carry such a baby goat in her bosom at Mandakiniti. At such a time, the girl suddenly became frightened and wept. Kantichandra came out in search of the cause and saw that one of his jokers was aiming an empty gun at the duck to scare the girl.

drew his gun from behind and slapped him hard on the cheek with a loud noise. Kanti came back to the room and started cleaning the gun.

Is. At noon of that day, at three o'clock, a group of hunters was walking towards the field through the thick shadows of the village road. One of them made a gunshot. Some distance away from the top of a bamboo bush - a bird was injured and fell inside while turning.

Curious, Kantichandra went through the bushes in search of birds and saw a well-to-do household, a row of paddy fields in the yard. In the morning, the girl is sitting on the floor of a clean, big barn, holding an injured dove to her chest, sobbing and soaking the area in the water of the towel, squeezing the water in the bird's beak.

The caterpillar cat is raising its two legs on its lap and looking up at the dove; The girl occasionally hits the index finger on her nostrils, suppressing the lure of the animal. In the quiet midday of the countryside, in the well-to-do peace of a household yard, this pathetic image was instantly drawn into Kantichandra's heart.

The shade and sun of the Biralpalu tree have fallen on the girl's crotch; In the distance, a well-fed cow is sitting lazily on the ground, chasing back flies in horn and tail movements; From time to time there is a rustling sound in the new north wind according to the whispers in the bamboo bushes.

In the morning on that day, in the forest by the river, he had to be seen in the opinion of Banasree, today at noon he had to be seen in the shade of the quiet courtyard, in the opinion of the loving homeless Lakshmi. Kantichandra suddenly came in front of the afflicted girl with a gun and became very frustrated.

It was as if I had been caught stealing. "The bird was not injured by my bullets," he said. He was wondering how to read the word, who called from the cottage at that time, “Sudha. The girl seemed startled. The call came again, “Sudha. Then he quickly took the bird and went to the cottage. Kantichandra thought the name was appropriate.

Sudha! Kanti then came to the door of the cottage with the gun in the hands of the party leader. He saw an elderly shaved-faced Brahmin sitting in a dawa reciting Haribhaktibilas. Kantichandra felt the resemblance of the girl's compassionate face with the deep soft calm serenity of her devotional face. Kanti greeted him and said,

“Thakur is thirsty, can I get a jug of water. The Brahmin hurriedly greeted him and seated him. After drinking Kanti water, the Brahmin took his identity. Introducing himself, Kanti said, “Thakur, if I can help you in any way, I will be successful.

"Father, what else can you do for me?" But I have a daughter named Sudha, she is getting older, I can get rid of the debt of the world only if I can donate her to a good deed. I don't see a good boy anywhere near, I can't even afford to look far; There is an idol of Gaepinath in the house, I have not left it anywhere. "

Kanti said, “If you meet me on the boat, I will discuss the pot. At this point, Kanti sent Chargan Bandyopadhyay's daughter Sudha. The next day, when Naveen Bait appeared, Kanti bowed to him and said that he was the one who wanted to marry the daughter of a Brahmin. The Brahmin could not speak for a while in this unimaginable good fortune.

He thought something was wrong. He said, “Will you marry my daughter? "If you agree, I'm ready," Kanti said. Naveen asked again, "Sudha?" - He heard the answer, "Yes. Naveen said firmly, "I don't see it --- Kanti didn't seem to see it, pretending," It's time for good luck.

Naveen said in a hoarse voice, "My sweetheart Sushila, Radhabara is unique in housework. I bless you as you are ready to marry her without seeing her, may my Sudha Pabrita be Satilakshmi and bless you forever.

Never let Taema regret for a moment. Kanti did not want to delay any more, the marriage was settled in the month of Magh. The place of marriage has been fixed in the old house of the Majumdars of the neighborhood. The bridegroom rides an elephant, lights a torch, and plays a flute. The bridegroom looked at his daughter's face.

Sudhir, who was wearing sandalwood, was wearing a hat and could not be seen. The joy of the overwhelmed heart seemed to puzzle the eyes. Kanti was suddenly startled when the official Thandidi of the Basarghar neighborhood forced the groom to feed her daughter's sweat. This is not the girl!

Suddenly a black thunderbolt rose from her chest and struck her brain, instantly all the lamps in the living room seemed to go dark and the face of the bride was blackened in that flood of darkness. Kantichandra vowed in his heart not to marry a second time; Did that * promise break the destiny with such a strange irony!

How well you have ignored the marriage proposal, how many have ignored the pleas of relatives and friends; The allure of high kinship, the lure of money, the lure of fame, all the cuts and finally the annoyance in the house of an unknown poor man on the edge of a bill in an unknown village, how can he show his face to Lake.

The father-in-law was angry at first. The cheater showed me a girl and gave me a marriage. But he thought that it was not that Naveen did not want to show him his daughter before marriage, he refused to see himself. He considered it better not to reveal his shame to anyone who had cheated so much due to his intellect.

The medicine seemed to be swallowed but the mouth wire was damaged. We didn't like the jokes of the living room. His whole body was burning with anger towards himself and the public.

At that moment, the bride around him suddenly startled in an unspoken frightened voice. Suddenly a baby rabbit escaped from his lap.

Immediately, the girl of that day followed the rabbit baby, grabbed him and placed him close to her cheek and began to caress him with special affection. "Oh, everyone signaled him to go away, saying he's crazy.

" Instead of frowning, he sat down in front of the bride and groom and watched the child's curiosity. When a maid of the house tried to grab her by the hand and pull her away, the groom got busy and said, “Aha, stay - no, sit down. He asked the girl, "What is your name?

" He shook without answering. The lady of the house laughed. Kanti asked again, “How big are your ducks? The girl looked at his face silently without hesitation. Stunned, Kanti boldly asked again, "Is that dove comfortable for you?" He did not get any fruit.

The girls laughed as if the groom had cheated heavily. Finally, after questioning, he got the news that the girl was Kala and Beba, the favorite companions of all the animals in the neighborhood.

Sudha's call that day when he got up and went home was only his guess, he had a reason somewhere else. Kanti was startled in her mind then. Deprived of all that he had no happiness in the world, he got rid of it by good fortune and considered himself blessed.

I thought, if I went to this girl's father and that person would try to get rid of me by handing over the girl to me in Konam according to my prayers! 'As long as this disenfranchised girl's mind was stirring his mind, he was completely blind about his bride. There was no reason to look for any other comfort nearby.

As soon as she heard that, the girl, Beba and Kala, suddenly fell from the whole world with a black curtain. The distant hopes vanished and the near things became direct. Breathing a deep sigh of relief, Kanti looked shyly at the corner of the bride's face.

So far, good luck. All the obstacles fell from the inner eyeball. From the heart and from the lamp all the light was scattered and reflected on the face of a single gentle Sukumar; Kanti saw a gentle gentleman, adorned with a face of peace. Understood, the blessings of the new will be successful. Ashwin 1308

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