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2 years ago

When you draw high

See all the locales,

Wealth will flow, in honor

It will keep your lower body full

The golden peak to the Indus.

What a strange look! Will see-

How much mitigation amount will be looted

In the dust of your lower body.

See the sea of ​​the world,

Understand the business of money

Think all happiness ঐ garden house.

If there is a sudden storm

All the pulses will break

Grief will float in the sea

No one will erase the dust of your path!

What an insult, what an insult

Understand, O sailor of the world

What an emotional, painful point sea

One corner of the world will remain lying

No one will find, no one will call

Don't say in love

What a waste of time.

When the tide of time will flow

I don't understand then-

Unnecessarily, how did it come at this time Furaiya!

All wealth, honor, family will be yours

Break your deepest corner

Flowers that fall in pride will not come back,

Do not fill and dalakhani!

On that day you will hear cries of failure.

No one will see your honest courage

Don't listen to the story.

Understand that day-

How helpless you were!

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2 years ago


That was so nice to read full of meaning my dear brother

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2 years ago

just awesome poem

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2 years ago

Wonderful dear. Please check my article

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2 years ago

thank you

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2 years ago