Kaktaruya part 3

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Bengali classmate 23 dakis, but alone. Do not dakis in front of everyone. Well. Phulkali looks at him with gratitude. Mercury shouts, Fupu, Fupu. I'm here. You did very well. Oma Phulkali that? Their house is not on fire? The owner hit him hard, Fupu. There is panta in your pot, Fupu? Let us eat At that time, Ata Fupur sat in the kitchen and ate panta rice with full stomach and what a joy!

Many days later, Ata stood in her aunt's yard and became a crow. As the ballet flew past the ears, it seemed as if a strange sound was coming from inside the ballet. The word is different. Shaneni before. Is it the sound of war? The sound of rifles is also recognized. He also knows how to use a machine gun.

I understand the word that is the word of war. This word came from him. Just then Razakar Kudus came and stood in front of him. Does he feel very happy? Why did you dress like a crow? He laughs hee-hee. His croaking posture is no longer correct. Her body shook. Why are you laughing? What happened to him?

The people of the village are mourning the burning of the commander's house. And you're smiling? Kaktaruya has been punished again! Why not laugh? Kaktaruya also thinks that people. A monkey. That's right, in your opinion.

I agree with you. What a joy. Run the boat. He jumped before moving his hand to slap Kuds. If I have it in my hand, I'll pick it up and hit it, Satan. Where is Mithu? Find the bottom of the river. Ask me why Am I their guardian? Baby pigs. Say machine gun, my name is machine gun. You bastard. Kudus chases him.

He jumped. Kachuripanavara jumped into the pond and went to the other side. Water hyacinth sticks to the head. He looks different. He does not remove the water hyacinth from the head. By the way, if Phulkali was in front, he would laugh and roll over. He used to say, you are a bear. Fat body. A lot of sorrow for Phulkali.

If the country becomes independent, there will be no more sorrow for Phulkali. Josh woke up inside him to liberate the country. Many a night a freedom fighter came to him. Silently calling, Joy Bangla. He has no response. Sleepless. The dream of freedom in his sleep took him to a wonderful country. There he and Phulkali are walking holding hands. Flowers all around - full of birds. Thousands of butterflies fly.

He tries to catch, but can't catch. On the other hand, the cauliflower catches hundreds of butterflies and fills them with mud. Phulkali walks around with a bright face. Then one day he came to her and said, Mercury, all these butterflies are for you. You won a battle for me. He shouted, I won? Yes, you won. Look at the fireworks all around. Look, I'm scattering butterflies on his head.

24 Bengali classmates also see that his whole body is covered with butterfly clothes. He was very happy and started flying in the sky holding a butterfly. Cauliflower claps. Then he woke up. Someone is calling him. Bangabandhu?

This machine gun? He sat up staggering. Wonder, why is there so much noise in the house? Night or day? This war came up. Didn't Ray wake him up? My call is not reaching his ears? Wonder, whose voice? Belitata flew past the ears? I want to say to him, I am sitting for the Tatas. Why didn't you come for so many days? Why did it take so long for them to reach me? Why are you silent, crow?

He crawled out. Freedom fighter Shahabuddin hugged him in his arms. Shahabuddin painted it. I went to art college. Then Shahabuddin is also fighting. Oh war, war. Budha salutes Shahabuddin. Shahabuddin frowned and said, why did I salute Ray? You are the commander of the freedom fighters. Don't salute? What did he say?

All right, all right. I heard you are a brave boy. The boy kept laughing. Then he took Shahabuddin's hand and sat on the platform. I heard about it from Ali and Mithu. You are fighting alone in this village. War? Me? Yes Ray. The houses you burned are also wars. This time we have to fight a big battle. What is that? We will blow up the military camp.

You will be with us. He has to do the work of Reiki. I can do such hard work. I know you can do that. How many sepoys Shane guards, how many stay inside the tent, where the machine gun fits - I'll bring you all the news. I'll be back in two days. Which fall asleep. How to return? We will cross the river by boat.

Fear does not pass. The boy returned to his straw bed. Gutisuti fell asleep. Before going to sleep, he thinks that he has forgotten what he is afraid of. What is new and scary in his life. Now he is playing the drums around his life.

His fear is suppressed under this instrument. He will be able to catch the ghost of fear; Rather, he now finds it in the happy days of his childhood. All the days when my parents lived. How many days have gone to the market with my father. Hilsa bought fish. Mom cooked. His siblings used to sit by the stove smelling of hilsa.

Mother used to make steamed cake in winter. What a joy it was all day. In the dream of freedom and again he has got back the joy of all days. Now he has no thoughts. There is no fear of death. The next day he went to the military camp with a bunch of guavas. They occupied the village school and set up camp. Several tents were pitched in the front field. He can't see the tent from so far away. But the scene is in his head.

Bengali class 25 is clear. After crossing the long road that leads to Saeja through the paddy fields on both sides, go to the school on the right. Her school has been closed since her parents died. Two years have passed. School memories and do not want to remember. It is locked inside the chest. There is a nicely designed colorful box inside the chest.

In the last two years, he did not want to play box. Now, as he walks towards the school, the sound of belts in his head is getting louder. How many thousands of times he has walked around the school in two years. Played football on the school field. He slept on the school porch at night, and heard the ringing of bells all over the shop. Surprise! Shravan month is strong inside the head.

Rain all night. He is lying on the school playground with his head on his right hand. Hard sex. I do not understand the end. That day he remembered the Day of Judgment. Mr. Maulvi said, on the Day of Resurrection, the sun will come down on one hand above the head. Why do you remember the sun on the day of resurrection on such a rainy night in Shravan?

What does the sun sound like? Not the sound of rain, but the roar of bells all around. Dhang - Dhang - Tong. The school days are over. Why the loud bell pulls him? The heavy rain of the month of Sravan continues to roll over his eyes. He did not fish. This is going to be the first school since the war started. Noon over the head. Chara Raed.

He knows that the month of Shravan has come again during this war. No rain. Her body started sweating in the hot sun. Guava in the pocket of the shirt. Goja at the waist. Floated. And by the way, what to eat a guava? There is a long way to go. In the guavas, he took a gun in his hand and an iron cap for the lakes standing on his head. Collecting so many ripe guavas is not enough to make them hang out with them.

He spent the night eating guava from the trees by the river. He continued to sing a lot of songs and became restless. Surprisingly, he did not see the soldiers from so close. His eyes did not tremble when he saw their eyes. He understands lifeless vision. There is nothing to fear. A blind person who does not have language in his eyes does not think that he is a human being.

Arriving at the camp and first biting himself a guava. Another guava moves towards the first soldier. Gestures say, eat? Laek gritted his teeth, smiled and grabbed the guava from his hand. Says with a bite, very well, very sweet. Aur hi? The boy took out all the guavas and threw them on the ground. Two or four more sepoys came forward from the neighborhood. The two stumbled upon the guavas.

The good ones are chosen. Picking up three or four, one of them asks, what is your name? He replied with a big smile, Kaktaruya. What's wrong? The crow ... can't pronounce the rest anymore. Everyone laughed and fell down. One slapped his back. He spread his legs next to them and looked around. Measures every place in the camp and in quick sight. Lakes are eating guava with a lot of attention. Raede - their cheeks are sweating in the heat.

She gets a smile. Ha - ha laughing. At that moment, the chairman of the peace committee, Ahad Munshi, came and stood in front of him. Asks, this rude, why are you laughing? Does Leah's hat eat people's brains? What did I say? Ahad Munshi frowned. He says the same thing again. Ahad Munshi's eyes turned red. You were rude to me that day too. I did it today. What's his name? Form-4, Bangla Sahapatha-9th-10th class

26 Bengali classmates Kaktaruya. Cuckoo! Tell me right? Cuckoo. He laughed as he spoke. Then he started to say in tune, people eat Laha's hat, people eat .... Ahad Munshi shouted, crazy or ash. The whole rogue one. Hey, make him a crow. Ahad Munshi was accompanied by three Razakars. They have a lot of fun. He clasped his hands tightly and shook them a couple of times, saying that he would do something bad and kill him knowingly. You saw the dove, but you did not see the moon.

They met him at the festival of Kaktaruya Banana. He wants to drag her by the hand in the middle of the field. He raised his hand in a jerk and said, why are you taking me? I can walk it. I do not run away in fear. Ehh, let's just say I've seen better. Don't say. Father - mother - siblings ate it all. Be careful not to talk nonsense. Yes, Nawabi. Nawab has been. I will slap you. Don't kill. Let Lake know that I was martyred in the war of independence. What did I say? You have heard what I have said through the shop. What again? Then someone slapped him on the cheek. He stood up and said, "I know how to take revenge." Talk again. The two of them clasped his hands.

Another grabbed Chandola by the legs. He says, aren't you ashamed to kill one of the three? What a shame? I will kill you and make you a ghost. Then you will understand. I left today. Father - mother was released as a dead son. They brought him to the middle of the field and threw him away. He does not move.

Don't get up. He stays in bed. Eyes wide open. They buried a bamboo in the middle of the field and tied the body with a bamboo. He puts his right hand on a bamboo. Left hand in the other. He tied the shirt on his head. Then he brought ink from the kitchen and put it in his mouth. Chest-back also fills in the zigzag line. Then his eyes lit up when the three Razakars left laughing.

In the great heat of the woodpecker Raed, he saw his burning eyes in the sepaigula. But they do not understand the language of those eyes. By the way, the boy is having a hard time in Raed. Apart from that, they have become very fond of eating the guava given to him a little earlier. They see his new posture.

They do not think that anyone can be punished in this way. They know how to shoot, they know how to stab with a bayonet. So they enjoy this new style of punishment. Seeing him for a long time. They do not think of pardoning him out of gratitude for eating guava. In the boy's words, Leah's hat has eaten their brains. In the evening, they untied the boy and told him to share.

He does not run. The way they told me to run means that I have to run across the field in front of the camp with a sigh. He can't do that. Promising in his heart, he will have to come back here. He crossed the field on very calm feet. It is difficult to walk. Dizziness. But the pain of the body is not so much, happiness inside?

Bengali classmate 26 Putimacha swim with a silver sparkle. How many days ago when the fishermen went fishing in the boat, he was so happy to see the netted silver putti. Surprisingly, the scene in the corner is never erased. The scene in the corner captures the remnants of another event and creates exactly the same joy or sorrow. He realizes that a torch will be made in his house tonight.

It will burn down Ahad Munshi's new oil tank house. The next morning, when the three Razakars came to look for him, they saw him burning and cooing. Mom, Mom is screaming. Wanting to drink . As he is rolling on the straw bed, the straw is getting stuck on him. He looks like a terrible creature. Strange. There is no one beside him. The stray dog ​​is lying on the floor. Sunsan all around.

Fear them. They do not dare to call him. By the way, if you call him, his ghost will jump on their shoulders. It can kill them. They quickly fled on foot. One says the boy is just a crazy ghost. My body was creepy when I saw my face in ink. That's right. I was scared too. Without it the boy would have said that. When I heard it, my body became cold.

I shivered. That ghost has a fever. If so, who set the chairman's house on fire? Another Razakar's question. There is a sign of fear on his face too. The three of them are overwhelmed with fear. Another said that one of the freedom fighters must have come at night. I understand now. We need to take stronger action.

That's right. I think so too. If we are not more careful, the freedom fighters will kill us. Their power is increasing day by day. I think Budha is also with the freedom fighters. Hey, who cares about Oituku. Does he know how to fire a gun? Or learned to open the grenade pin? I did not hear how he spoke of being martyred that day. There is no father or mother, so there is no fear of death. Crazy.

I don't think the boy is so crazy. I have a fever. There is no one beside him. You see, it will die tonight. He has become a ghost while still alive. That's right. The three of them laughed ha-ha and walked away quickly. Two days later, in the middle of the night, someone called him in a whisper, war and war?

Joy Bangla? Bangabandhu? He sat up startled. Calling him by such a name washes away all his sorrows. The river through which the boats of the freedom fighters go fast is the river of such a name. The name of the river is Jamuna, Karateya, or Padma, he also wants to think about it. By the way, what is the harm if the name of the river is Joy Bangla or Bangabandhu?

He jumped up and came out. How are you Manikaratan? Good. Brother Shahabuddin, how are you? Has his fever got better? He laughed, it was bear fever. Comes and goes. Do you think about fever so much during the war? No, don't think. How to fight if not healthy? The body needs energy. Not right?

You have said 16 Bengali classmates. You're a painter. You're right. He had a hard time that day, didn't he? Do they have trouble fighting? That. Why bother? Then why should I suffer? Well done. Now you have to say. I heard they're going to make a bunker.

It will be difficult to lose them if the camp is bunked. The camp has to be blown up before that. Is that it? Yes. I brought a mine. The day he builds the bunker, he will have to work with the Matikata team. When the work is done, the way Hayek has to leave this mine under the ground.

Can you do that? What a difficult task. I can do it. Be careful! Hee - hee, he laughed and rolled over. Are you laughing? I do not laugh! He smiles when he hears about you. Do you know the strategy of the liberation war to be careful? I know. Well, why would they bunker? They realized that we could attack by river.

That is such a precautionary measure. He laughed again and rolled over. Laughing, he grabbed the nail in his stomach. Shahabuddin was frightened by the sound of his laughter. It seems that the boy is more courageous. Shahabuddin then decided that if the country became independent, he would draw a picture of the boy. , Not one, but many.

Pictures of the fighting boy in various poses. War, don't laugh like that. You don't make me smile. I'll laugh alone when you're gone. Don't laugh alone. You're right Laugh. I'll draw a picture of it. Picture of brave boy. Don't stay here long, brother Shahabuddin. Shane, the day after tomorrow evening I'll be ready with the boat. When the camp is hit by a mine, we will move to the river.

The boy laughed again. Laughs and says, heavy fun game. Jai Ray, Joy Bangla. Come on. Be careful. See you again. Shahabuddin blended into the darkness. The boy sits on the platform with his hands on his cheeks. He can't sleep the rest of the night.

Bangla classmates sit on the sidewalk 29 days later and on the way to the camp. When will the team come to cut the soil? He surrounds. Hold the grasshopper. Chew the young data of the grass. Picks up water from the left. But the team did not come that day. In the afternoon, when Raed subsided, he appeared at Mithu's house on all fours.

Sitting on the kitchen porch, he said, "Auntie, I'm hungry." Didn't eat all day. I told him how much Raj would come and eat rice. Why don't you come? Seeing him sitting in front of me eating rice eased my pain. The empty space in the chest was filled. I think this understanding makes the country independent. He smiled softly.

Mithu's mother gives him Sankivra rice. Tangra fish curry with eggplant. Uh what fun, joy! He eats hapus. Mithu's mother sees the sparkle in her eyes. Saying, without chhanna, my honey was killed by the Pakistanis. Mithu has also left home. The girl lives in the in-laws' house. If I find him, I will forget his grief. From now on I will call him Madhu, how?

He was silent for a while and said, not just honey, Shahid honey. Shahid Madhu? Mithu's mother started crying saying that she is my honey. This is not just crying, it is called sky-scraping chinkar. The screams of those whose sons are martyred only come out through their chests.

And no one's voice can make such a sound. He no longer eats rice. He came up with a plate. He came to the back of the house and sprinkled on the rice. The crows fly. Rice grains are picked up on the lips. He says to himself, what a beautiful sight! Kakera eats rice and fills the breasts of martyrs' mothers. Bargi fled the country.

The mothers of the martyrs used to fly on the wings of the cuckoos to convey the news of independence to the markets. He says again, what a beautiful sight. When he sat on the bank of the pond and washed the sankita, he realized that his aunt had stopped crying and was wiping his eyes with the hem of his sari. When he came back from the pond, he said softly, "Auntie." When will you come again I don't know.

Lots of work. I can come and eat the rice every day. Lots of work. Well. He muttered and tilted his neck. Mithu's mother knows he won't come. His chest became heavy. Screaming and crying. It is as if Madhu was killed in a military brushfire a while ago. The body was found in front of his mother. Mothers are like that. Chest throbbing.

He forgot to call the bird sitting on the branches of the tree in tears. Grasshoppers are stunned. Extinguished in the light of Jochna. No one can bear the tears of mothers. Her eyes got wet thinking. I met Kunti on the way. He is going home with a bunch of water lilies. Seeing Budha, his eyes became bright. Say, how long have you not come to our house, brother Budha. I don't have time. Lots of work.

What is so much work? You do not want to see me? I really want to see you. How many days I went to the market, but I did not see Taema. I have a lot of work to do, Kunti. Kunti says in a hard voice, I know you have a lot of work to do. I will do the same with you.

oo Will you fight with Bangla classmates? What's that? I will do that. You just tell me what to do. Let's see the grave of parents. Run. You don't know that I keep my uncle and aunt's grave clean. Let's clear the grass. I remove the dry leaves. I planted a tree at the head of each grave. You do so much, Kunti?

I do that. Why? You will be happy for that. Kunti! Sparkle in the eyes of wrestlers. Mercury embraced his hand. Then he came to the grave of his parents holding his hand. Kunti sees Akanda, Bhanta flower, Dhutra - all these trees planted at the head of the grave.

What a beautiful sight in the graves. He sat in front of his mother's grave and said, "Mother, you bless me." A lot of work on your son's head. There is a lot of work ahead. If I can't sit here and talk to you anymore, Kunti raises her voice and says, what are you talking about, brother Budha. Where are you going I can't go, I can go. Where? In the sky. Why in the sky? If those soldiers kill me. If my chest gets pierced by their bullets.

Oh God .... The wrestler started screaming and crying. Don't cry. Stop. I know that I have no one but you. It hurts me a lot when you cry. Kunti stopped crying and said in surprise, it is ashes. Mercury slapped his head and stood in front of his father's grave again. Says, may your son get back to his happy days, father. So that the country can be liberated by fighting.

Dad, you bless me, so that I don't lose courage. Suddenly Mercury started crying. Kunti is surprised. I never saw him cry. What happened today? When Budha stopped crying, Kunti warmed her eyes and said, "Are you afraid to fight?" Why are you crying? Mercury is ashamed and keeps silent. Kunti says in strong language, you can't fight if you think of death.

If you fight, you have to die. Kunti! You are a very nice girl. Do you know why I brought this water lily? To survive from hunger. Do not starve to death. In addition to war, there is death. The boy is surprised. What happened to Kunti today? Kunti seemed to grow up. The magic game of growing up one night.

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