kaktaruya part 2

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But why leave? He realizes that his eyes are red. When his eyes are red, the desire to do something inside him becomes a promise. He returns to the market. By the way, will not escape anywhere. If necessary, these burnt houses will be rolled up and down according to the opinion of the geeks. He removes the ashes and takes place under the house. Gathers brooms and cleans.

Is quite tidy. He folded his own words and left them in one place. Spread the mat on the floor. This burnt house takes quite a while. He lay down on his back and put his hands together. By the way, he is now a parrot crocodile. This is how he whistles. He fell asleep while whistling. He fell asleep.

In the dream, he feels the tide of Anind flowing inside his chest. Many a night he would wake up to the sound of gunfire. Did they kill anyone? Who is so late at night? Which mother's chest became empty? He muttered, "Those of you who have ransacked our houses, ransacked our markets, killed people,

made mass graves on our bodies, left people behind, will they leave like this?" Didn't you get a punch? Are we so weak? Cholera could not eat me. I live for you. They will owe something to me. Well, look, I'll give you something. He looked up at the sky through the cracks in the roof. But did Bangabandhu say to fight against these people?

Yes, they are. He understood exactly. You don't have to ask anyone about this anymore. Bangabandhu's speech on March 7 and Kanu sat on Dayal's house and listened to it on the radio. After hearing that blood warming speech, he said to Madhu, from now on they will call me Bangabandhu.

What a hobby! The monkey wants to go to the moon again. Am I a monkey? Yes, monkey. You do it a hundred times. Madhu laughed hee-hee. That honey is no more. Burned in the fire. He could not recognize which was the sweet corpse. Madhur's mother and father are in the village. Hasn't escaped yet.

Madhur's elder brother Mithu hides in hiding. The young boys that they are catching and beating. She cried a lot thinking about so much. I remember that cold death night two years ago. Mother was still alive after her father died that night. Called him. Baba Budha, Baba, Baba Ray? Oh, how cool that voice was, as if the wind of death had come to him. He stumbled on his mother,

mother, mother. Dad, I left him in the hands of God. Daddy asks! , And there was no talk. No one else told him anything. It just fell off. Shaking the tree is like plucking a plum. He screamed like crazy. Ran to the door of uncle's house. I wanted to say, look what is happening inside this house.

Not told. He sat alone in the stillness of death. If you think, now the chest does not twist, the body has become frozen hard. Suddenly it seems as if someone is calling. Bangabandhu, Bangabandhu. Here I am. He sat up. There is no one anywhere. He can hear his own chest. The broken room is filled with air through the leaking roof.

He sits on his chest full of breath. For a few days now he has been noticing a few rich people; Those who have not fled the village are working closely with the military. In their camp cows-goats, ducks-chickens, fish, eggs,

The soldiers are very happy. Khayda surrounds. If necessary, one by one he is taken away. Tied up in front of the camp. No matter where he disappears, he can no longer be found. He sat down under the yard and squirmed. The military is a foreign people. They do not know this village. Don't know the language They can't think of their own.

But why did the people of the country join them? Why are foreigners behaving accordingly? The people of the village are being taken to the camp? Then the vultures flew to eat their bodies. His hatred of foreigners and his own people continues to grow. When it was raining, he came out of the house. He can't hear his own chest during the day.

The night chases him more. He is very hungry. What to eat? He walks through the middle of the bazaar. Some are trying to re-shop. Ali has started selling tea by making bamboo benches under the curry tree. Ali told him,

"I will not build a tea shop without driving away those enemies." You can stay in that neighborhood as long as you want. Seeing him, Ali called. Mercury, come here. Hungry, brother Ali. No, eat tea - biscuits. Won't it? Too much. Do I eat two biscuits together every day? Ali smiled and said,

"I know what you mean." Raed plays and his stomach fills up. Jochna plays and fills his mind. Rain water fills his chest, air fills his brain, what else are you, Mercury? He broke down with a loud laugh. By then he had finished eating biscuits. He sipped his cup of tea. Ali sees that his face has become bright with satisfaction.

One by one, two people came and sat down. Don't talk loudly. Silence, sigh, eyes wet. Some people's eyes sparkle with fire. How he looks, it is not clear. The boy thinks that no one in this village has ever seen such a sight and corner. People are changing. One day, everyone was surprised and there was a peace committee.

Ahad Munshi is the chairman. The boy realizes that the people of Gai are divided. A group came and sat in Ali's tea shop. Wants to talk to each other. The other team is Ahad Munshi's team. Surrounding the side of the military camp. Suddenly he shouted, war, war! 'When people are divided, a river called war flows through them.

From now on his name is war. He feels Josh inside himself. Suddenly he came to the side of the main road. And Ahad Munsir came face to face while going to the bank of the river. He raised his hand in a humble manner and said, Slamalekum, Mr. Chairman. Ahad Munshi smiled and put his hand on his head. She is fascinated by the simple look of the boy.

He asks with a smile, what is his name? Can't remember My name is War. War? Ahad Munshi's eyes rose to his forehead. What do you say? Are you crazy Standing next to him, Lake immediately said, "Yes, sir, you are crazy." Another said, "Let's go, Mr.

Chairman, that's crazy." Her mother and father did not die of that cholera! It all ended in one night. Since then, his head is not right. Ah Ray, come to my house. I will give the job of grazing cows. I will stay in Peteva. But one thing, Mr. Chairman ...

What is Bangla class? Say something? I can't pay, Bapu. I have no money in my pocket now. I don't want money from you. I don't touch anyone. What did I say? I said, you are the chairman of the peace committee. But that unrest across the country. Where is the peace? Shut up! Named Beyaddab?

Good. I am very happy when someone gives me a new name. Saying ‘Beyaddab, Beyaddab’ and getting on the road. Then he started laughing ha-ha. His laughter echoed in Ahad Munshi's shop. Lake frowned at her departure. Forget about going. Mr. Chairman goes. Let's go! Ahad Munshi says in a distracted voice. Yes, go there.

What do you think so much about a monkey? I don't think so. What if? Let's go Ahad Munshi continues to walk. But the rest of the way he doesn't talk to anyone else. While sitting in the tea shop in the afternoon, the boy thinks that Ali and Mithu are feeling the same way. Strange shadows are playing on the faces of the two. He says to himself, wonder. They are thinking exactly what I am thinking.

How are people one of those sleeves? Now is the time to become one. If they can't be one, these foreign soldiers will kill them and make them ghosts. The village will become a Shushan. Where there are no people, there will be human ghosts. He smiled as he thought. He enjoys laughing. Mithu says, why are you laughing, Mercury?

Ghosts. Ali and Mithu say together, what is a ghost? If we don't fight, the village will one day be a haunted house. No, I was wrong. Not ghosts, the village will be filled with human ghosts. They will not be more in number. But they will fill the village with their big legs, hands and heads. What are you talking about, Mercury? Hee - hee hee he laughs. Keep laughing. Ali says, why are you laughing again? You two look the same. Aren't you two, one?

You're a real spit fire. Ali and Mithu start laughing this time. Why are you smiling? We understand him, Ray. How? If he is caught, there are three of us here. But we are not three, one. Not right?

10 Bengali classmates Yes, that's right. The boy says seriously. Mithu asks, what happens if there are three of them, do you know that? I know. Strength increases. Is the big power. If one, the enemies lose the battle. Well done. It will be with him. On his way back, the boy brought a bottle of kerosene from Ali. Says, 'I will work hard and pay the price of oil, brother Ali.

'You don't have to pay the price of Oituku oil. Yes, you don't have to. We know you've taken the oil to do something good. Ali supported Mithu. They both look at him with deep eyes. He laughed and shook his head. Back in the house, Budha made a torch by wrapping dry jute around the head of a bamboo stick. Four torches.

He got on the road late at night. Behind the trees and bushes, Ahad secretly walks towards Munshi's house. Sitting on the back of the banyan tree and the back of the barn, he poured dew kerosene and soaked the four torches. Then he lit a match and threw the big torch on the Atchala house. On a cottage. And in a kitchen. The other is Gayale. Daudau ignited the shed.

At the moment the fire spread. Sleeping people are busy coming out with life. No one cares about saving the house. In a short time, the house was burnt down. He threw the torch and did not wait any longer. When everyone is busy scattering and crying, he hides behind the bushes and runs away. After a while he came back to the house.

After a while he heard the sound of footsteps and whispered, who is there? He understands Ali's voice. Again the sound is, Joy Bangla. It's a sweet voice. Joy says Bangla, he comes out himself. They both hugged him. Ali handed him a large bottle of kerosene and said, "Keep this bottle."

I will use it as needed. From now on its new name is Joy Bangla. You are our strength. Our victory is Bengali. Saying Joy Bangla, we will jump into the war. The boy laughs hee-hee. The tide of life inside his chest. Uthal - Pathal flows. Are you laughing?

Happily. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. After Dad - Mom - Brother - Bain died, I didn't know what happiness was! Joy Bangla Khushi, what happened is right. But do not forget that now is the time to work. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Hard work. Great job. He laughs again with a hee-hee. The stars bloom in his smile. Ali and Mithu were fascinated to see him.

We are leaving, Joy Bangla. Ahad Munshi will not leave us. Just doubt. I will escape tonight. You be careful. You cut him, don't doubt him now. Sweet hugs him. Ali says, we are going to give yag to the freedom fighters. That military camp must be blown up.

Joy Bangla will come on time. You are not afraid. I will be ready for them. I am ready to see you whenever you come. Well done. Seeing him, I understand that the country will be independent. Seeing him, our courage has increased. Now we are not afraid to die. The two merge into the darkness. He thinks the darkness dragged them to his chest.

He hid it from the eyes of the soldiers. When they left, he could not sleep that night. He lies on the bamboo mat under the kadai tree. Seeing thousands of stars in the sky. Today they have named him Joy Bangla. An intense joy fills him in such a way that he forgets about sorrow. He fell asleep. Ahad Munshi's eldest son grabbed him by the ears and pulled him away. He looked at Motiur with sleepy eyes. This pig's baby, get up.

Baby pigs? He looks at the eyes properly. Where is Ali? I don't know. You know, tell me? How do I know? Who is Ali? Is he my mother's brother? Ehh, let's just say I've seen better. A little devil. Who set our house on fire? Fire! Don't you know what fire is? As soon as Matiur raised his hand to slap him in the reggae, he stepped back and went down the slope of the river shouting fire.

He went down a lot and stopped and looked back. Seeing Matiur standing in the same way. He can't trace his behavior. The boy looked at him, took out his tongue and cut his forehead. Then the crow stands in disguise. Matiur stood on the bank of the river and abused him. If I find him, I will chew and eat. Monkey one. Remember that Lake gathers at Motiur's Hambitambi.

One says, forgive him. Is his head all right? Father and mother die. Hey, father and mother are dead. Father - mother so that no one else dies. Matiur flew away in a fit of rage. Mercury stands motionless. Tilt his neck. Dry leaves fall on the head. No one knows when he will move away from his cockatoo pose. The next day, the house of the Razakar commander of the village caught fire. All the houses were burnt down.

Only human lives are saved, and cows and goats are saved. Where and how the fire started - the people of the house could not find out.

Razakar commander beat the working girl and kicked her out of the house. His idea was that the working girl must have left the reading beside the stove after cooking. There was a fire from there. Sitting under the bamboo tree outside the house, the girl cried for a long time. Budha said to the girl with two jilapi, eat. The girl cried and said, I did not put the jute next to the stove, Budha.

I don't know how the fire started. Mercury sat next to him. Then he puts the sixth box of ointment on his waist and says, put it where it has been cut. Ointment? Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. It was only when the Razakar commander was beating him that I realized that he would need this ointment.

Applying it will reduce the burning sensation. Ah, how much we have to endure for the war. War! The girl looked at him in surprise. Where is the war? Is fire a war? Hold on, it's kind of like that. That's what I said. What's his name? Cauliflower. Come with me. Where? Ata's aunt's house. I will go there and sleep a little. If they go now, they will kill me. Don't hit.

They are now busy with the house-door. Their mood is cold, then I will come. He has no one. Wherever I go. Income. Mercury pulls the flower's hand. The two of them got on the road avoiding everyone's eyes. The boy says as he goes, is he in too much trouble, Phulkali? Irritation is reduced after applying the ointment. How irritating it is to bear that during war.

Why are you repeatedly talking about war? Are you fighting Yes. With whom Enemy. Then you - what a fire ... fire! Fire! Fire all around us. Running income. Mercury grabbed Phulkali's hand and pulled her. The girl managed to stumble. Once he stood up to take a breath and said, I understand everything, Mercury. I am not his enemy. I know you are my enemy. We are one.

I will let him know if anything happens in that house. From now on I will call him Joy Bangla. Joy Bangla, Joy Bangla. Saying Joy Bangla, Joy Bangla, Phulkali releases again. This time they can't breathe. They ran to Ata's aunt's house. Phulkali whispers, "From now on I will call him war, Budha."

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