kaktaruya end part

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If you give these to mother, mother will be happy. Otherwise we will eat. You haven't been to our house in a long time. Runs today. Yes let's go Let's see my aunt. He walks holding Kunti's hand. The next day he saw the team cutting the soil and going to the camp with baskets and spades.

He ran and stood in front of them. Uncle Fazu, I will cut the soil with you. Can you? That is the body. What is the ball on him? Which, share. What to eat if not working? I'm not hungry? Do i have anyone He sobbed and cried. The sound of crying is such that others stop.

Done, done, don't cry. Everyone consoled him. Come with us. If Ahad Munshi is in the team, he can't do it. He joins the team. The mine is wrapped in a towel and tied around the waist. Shirt There is nothing wrong with that. Bunker cutting has started.

Everyone is busy. A mound of earth is coming up with the help of a spade. Ahad Munshi's son Matiur is supervising the work. Laekjan has been disturbed by threats. Fazu scolds Mia for taking Budha to the team. But after a while he was happy to see his interest in work. Mativara ran to fetch the basket and threw it towards the pub.

Pouring soil, he stood again in front of Fazu Mia with an empty basket. Motiur couldn't help but admire him for his quick demeanor. By the way, the parents are dead and the boy is gone. Otherwise something could have happened.

Seeing the progress of work till noon and happily goes home to eat rice. The work of the bunker was completed in the afternoon. Everyone is happy. Will be able to return home before evening.

Fazu Mia thinks about washing her face and hands and wiping them with a towel, which has been falling during the day, what can be done outside the house in the evening! A bullet would come and pierce his chest.

These piglets kill people like birds. At that moment the boy says to Fazu Mia, Uncle, can I see the inside once? He will never be seen again in this life like a bunker. Let's go.

Come in and see. But beware, we will return home before evening. Who wants to hear from Fazu Mia about returning home, his legs are moving fast. In a moment, he entered the bunker, removed the raw soil with both hands and buried the mine.

Then the whistle comes up to play. Fazu Mia asks, what happened? Great. I don't want to get up when I enter. Sepaigulae will not want to get out of it.

Fazu Mia smiled and patted his back and said, crazy. The boy danced his eyes and said that at night they would lie in the bunker and watch howibaji. Ah Ray if I could stay in this bunker.

Fazu Mia pulled him aside and whispered, "God forgive me." We are not lucky to be here. This is their grave.

32 Bengali classmate and Fazu Mia grabbed his leg and ran. Fazu Mia does not understand why he saluted, why he is running. Bejhe, Bella will fall.

He has to go home. The boy came running to the river bank. The evening is dark. He reached Shahabuddin who was hiding on the edge of the jump.

Shahabuddin hugged him, anxious for him, I was almost over, the war of liberation. I have left it buried. There was nothing wrong with the corner. Now the word will sit for Shane.

Well done boy. No, turn around. The two of them eat molasses together. When the back is full, Anjalavara satisfies the thirst in the river water. Shahabuddin says, what happens if the bunker is easy, tell him? Bucker.

And if you cut a little? Bucker. And a little six, now bring the middle letter to the front. Grave. He says excitedly, Bakr, Bakr; Grave, grave.

Shahabuddin Bhai is their grave. At that moment, when some sepoys entered the bunker to take position, the mine exploded under the pressure of their feet. Loud noises spread in the village, along with screams.

Shahabuddin grabbed the boy's hand and jumped into the boat. The boat ran in the opposite direction of the camp. Skilled sailors come a long way in one go. Around the darkness of the evening.

The stars are shining in the sky. The boy spread his legs on the deck of the boat and lay down. He matched his arms with both hands. Shahabuddin did not notice when he took off his shirt and tied it on his head. The crows are lying in the posture.

Ever since Shahabuddin realized that they had crossed the line of danger, he had been wanting to sing great songs. The melody fades in my mind. Before he could open his throat and sing, he looked at the boy and was stunned.

Do not blink. The boy is an amazing hero in the surrounding fields, houses, paddy fields, rivers, sky and trees. Stopping the enemy's speed. The war of liberation is kept inside the chest.

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really awesome article my dear brother keep it up

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