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When a daughter was born after five sons, the father and mother caressed her and named her Nirupama. Such a fancy name has never been mentioned in this group before. Almost Thakur - the name of the deity was common - Ganesha Kartik Parvati is his example.

Now Nirupama's marriage proposal is going on. His father Ramsundar Mitra searches a lot but the pot is not in his mind at all. Finally, Mast has found the only son of Rai Bahadur's house and brought him out. That is the ancestral subject of Raybahadur - although the intention has diminished a lot, but it is a bondage house.

He asked for ten thousand rupees from the benefactor and a large donation. Ramsundar agreed without any consideration: such a vessel cannot be left unattended. There is no money raised at all. By interrupting, by selling, even after many attempts, one thousand six-seven remained. The wedding day is approaching.

Finally the wedding day arrived. One agreed to lend the rest of the money at very high interest, but he did not show up in time. There was a great commotion at the wedding. Ramsundar held our hands and feet in the arms of Raybahadur and said, ‘Let the good deed be done, I will surely pay the money.

Rayabahadur said, ‘If you do not have the money in hand, the groom will not be able to meet. There was a cry in the inner city in this accident. The main reason for this serious danger is that he is sitting quietly wearing a cheli, jewelery, sandalwood on his forehead. It cannot be said that he has a lot of devotion or affection for his future father-in-law. There was already an advantage.

The groom suddenly became disobedient to his father. He told his father, "I don't understand bargaining; I have come to get married, I will get married. The father said to the one he saw, “Have you seen, sir, the use of boys today? The two were one of the old lakes, they said, the scriptures are not ethics at all, so.

Seeing the poisonous consequences of the present education in his own child, Raybahadur sat stunned. The marriage ended in a kind of melancholy. While going to the father-in-law's house, the father could not hold back the tears by holding Nirupama on his chest. Niru asked, will they not let me come again, father? Ramsundar said, 'Why don't you let me come. I'll bring you.

Ramsundar often went to see the girl but he had no prestige in Behaibari. The servants looked down on him. For five minutes in a separate room outside the inner city, you can see Koneedin or the girl, or Kuneiden - or not. He does not tolerate insults by doing so in the family home. Ramsundar decided that the money would have to be paid anyway. But it is difficult to handle the burden of debt.

Expenditure is very tight and creditors always have to resort to various inferior tactics to avoid the point of view. Meanwhile, the father-in-law is pegging the girl while sitting up.

Hearing the condemnation of the father's house, shedding tears through the door of the house has become part of his daily routine. Especially the anger of the mother-in-law is not satisfied at all. If someone says, 'Oh what Mr. When he saw his wife's face, his eyes widened. The mother-in-law jumped up and said, ‘She is heavy.

She is like a house girl. Even the wife's food is not taken care of. If a kind-hearted neighbor points out a mistake, the mother-in-law says, “That's too much. In other words, if the father paid the full price, the daughter would get full care. Everyone seems to think that the bride has no rights here and has entered by deception. By the way, all these disrespect and insults of the daughter will have reached the ears of the father. So Ramsundar finally started trying to sell his house.

But he kept the boys secret from them. He decided to sell the house and rent it out. He will continue in such a way that the boys will not know about it before his death. But the boys found out. Everyone came and cried.

The three boys in particular are married and have children. Their objections became so serious that the sale of the house was suspended. Then Ramsundar started borrowing money from various places at low interest rates.

It so happened that the cost of living was no longer there. Niru could understand everything by looking at his father's face. The old man's mature hair, dry face, and ever-shrinking expression of misery and anxiety.

When the father is a criminal to the daughter, what is the remorse of the crime can be kept secret. When Ramsundar used to visit his daughter for a short time with the permission of Behaibari

Then I could see how his father's chest burst when I saw his smile. Niru has become very anxious to go to his father's house for a few days to comfort that afflicted father's heart. Seeing his father's pale face, he can no longer stay away. One day he said to Ramsundar, Dad, take me home once.

Ramsundar said, “Well. But he didn't insist on it - the father's natural right over his daughter seemed to have to be mortgaged instead of the dowry. Even the daughter's philosophy is that she has to beg very hesitantly and if she gets frustrated at times, she doesn't have a second word to say.

But daughter, if you want to come home, how does the father do not bring her, so, before submitting the application to Behai, how much humiliation, how much humiliation, how much loss that Ramsundar had collected, it is better to keep the history secret.

Nate - Sometimes wrapped in a handkerchief, wrapped in a sheet, Ramsunder went to Behai and sat down. At first he read the news with a smile. A huge burglary has taken place in Harekrishna's house, he said. Comparing the two brothers Navinmadhab and Radhamadhab, he denounced Radhamadhab's reputation for learning and temperament and Navinmadhab; A new bamboo has arrived in the city, much to the dismay of many;

Finally he put down the hookah and said in words, yes yes, behai, that money is left. I always think, I'm going to take something with me, but I don't remember the time. And brother, I'm getting old. Having played such a long role, the three nets in the rib cage seemed to get out of the three nets very easily and very carelessly.

Raybahadur laughed when he saw the net of three thousand rupees. He said, “Stay, Behai, I don't have a job in that. Referring to a common Bengali proverb, he said that he did not want to make his hands stink for a small reason.

After this incident, no one came up with an offer to bring the girl home - only Ramsundar thought, ‘She - I no longer have all the shyness of kinship. Shocked for a long time, he finally said the word softly. Without giving any reason, Ray Bahadur said, “He is not happening now. Saying this, he left for work.

Without showing his face to Ramsundar's daughter, he tied a few nets on the edge of the sheet with trembling hands and returned home. He promised in his heart that he would not go to Behaibari again until he could claim all the money without hesitation.

It's been a long time. Nirupama sends Lake on Lake but the father is not seen. Eventually, out of arrogance, he stopped sending Lake - then Ramsundar was deeply hurt, but still did not go.

Ashwin month came. Ramsundar said, this time I will bring my mother home during the puja, otherwise I - '. He took a very strong oath. On the fifth or sixth day, Ramsundar again set out on a journey by tying a few nets to the end of the sheet. A five-year-old grandson came and said, “Grandpa, are you going to buy a car for me?

For a long time now, it has been his hobby to ride in his wheelbarrow and eat air, but there is no way to get rid of it. A six-year-old granddaughter came to Saraden and said that she did not have any good clothes to go to the puja invitation.

Ramsundar knew that and the old man thought a lot about him while smoking. He sighed a lot, remembering that when the bridegroom was invited to Raybahadur's house, his brides had to go to the poor in the least amount of ornaments;

But there was no fruit in it except the deepening of the aging line on his forehead. Hearing the cries of the afflicted, the old man entered his house. Today he does not have that shyness; The shy look on the faces of the gatekeepers and servants is gone, as if he had entered your house.

Heard, Raybahadur is not at home, we will have to wait for a while. Unable to contain his excitement, Ramsundar met his daughter. Tears welled up in his eyes. The father cries, the daughter cries; No one can talk anymore.

After doing so for a while. After that Ramsundar said, 'I am taking him this time mother. There is no gale anywhere else. At that time Harmahan, the eldest son of Ramsundar, entered the house with his two youngest sons.

He said to his father, 'Father, are you floating on the road this time? Ramsundar suddenly became furious and said, "Shall I go to hell for them?" Will they let me keep my truth?

'Ramsundar is selling his house; The boys made many arrangements for him not to know anything, but still he became very angry and annoyed with them when he saw them. His grandson grabbed his knees tightly and raised his face and said, 'Grandpa, why don't you buy me a car?

The boy went to Niru without getting any answer from Natshir Ramsundar and said, “Psima, will you buy me a car? Nirupama understood everything and said, 'Dad, if you give another penny to my father-in-law, you will never see your daughter again, I will touch your body and tell you. Ramsundar said, “Mother, there is no need to talk like that. And if I can't pay this money, then it's an insult to his father, and an insult to him.

Niru said, “It is an insult if you give money. Your daughter has no dignity. Am I just a bag of money, my price as long as there is money! No, Dad, you don't insult me ​​with this money. Moreover, my husband does not want this money. 'Ramsundar said, then don't let Tayema ​​go, mother.

Nirupama said, not telling him what to do. You don't want to take it anymore. Ramsundar. With a trembling hand, he picked up the net-bound sheet on his shoulder and returned home, avoiding the sight of the thief. But the money that Ramsundar had brought and that he had left without paying the money was not kept secret.

The curious Dwarlagnakarna maid gave the news to Niru's mother-in-law. Hearing this, he was no longer angry. His father-in-law's house became a bedrock for Nirupama. In this regard, her husband has migrated as a Deputy Magistrate shortly after the marriage and Niru's recent interview with the relatives of his father's house has been completely banned on the pretext of learning inferiority complex.

At this time Niru had a serious illness. But her mother-in-law cannot be blamed for that. He was very careless with his body. During the cold of the month of Kartik, the door of the head is knocked all night, during the winter there are no clothes on.

There are no rules for eating. When the maids sometimes forgot to bring food, he did not even remind them to open their mouths once. He was living in the next house relying on the grace of the maids and the maids, this reform was ingrained in his mind. But the mother-in-law could not bear such a thought.

If the bride looked at the corner of the house for food, the mother-in-law would say, ‘Whether the daughter of the Nawab’s house! The food of the poor man's house is not in his mouth. Sometimes - or he would say, “Look - not once, being stabbed, not showing, as if it is becoming a tree day by day.

When the anger became serious, the mother-in-law said, ‘All her dishonesty. Finally one day Niru politely said to his mother-in-law, 'I will see my father and my brothers once, mother.

The mother-in-law said, “It's just a trick to go to my father's house. No one will believe me - the day Niru's breath appeared in the evening, the first time he saw the doctor and the day he saw the doctor.

The wife died at the head of the house, the funeral was completed with much fanfare. No one has ever seen such a sandalwood cheetah at Muluk, as the Raychowdhuris in the district have a reputation for idol-dedication ceremonies, and the Raibahadurs have such a reputation for the Sankar of Barabeu. By doing so, shraddha is possible only in the house of Raybahadur, and it is heard that they owed a little of it.

While consoling Ramsundar, everyone described in great detail the great death of his daughter. A letter came from the deputy magistrate saying, "I have made all the arrangements here, so I will send my wife here immediately." 'The buffalo of Rayabahadur wrote,' I have arranged another daughter for Baba Tayma, so take immediate leave and come here. ' This time twenty thousand rupees was bet and handed over.

  • Word meaning and word annotation

Raybahadur - The official title of the British period, noble and majestic in the opinion of the king.

Affection - Addiction, friendship, affection, affection.

Hataedyam - effortless, effortless. Dignity, respect, dignity, influence.

Sting - slander, condemnation, indication of guilt.

Daily routine - daily action, daily work.

Anger - hatred, rage.

Jhangkar - the sound of musical instruments like humming, harp etc.

Compassion - Compassion, compassion.

Weird - weird, unbelievable;

Ribs - ribs, chest bone cage.

Saraedane - crying.

Svabhakakautuhali dvaralagnakarna - behind the conversation of others Shana.

Bed - death bed. Arrangements, arrangements.

  • Introduction to prose:

The story Denapaona has been compiled from Rabindranath Tagore's story collection. Ramsundar is the father of five sons and one daughter from a lower middle class family.

Adar's daughter was married to the only son of the mighty Ray Bahadur. At the time of the marriage, the father of the bride, Rai Bahadur, demanded ten thousand rupees in cash and other items as dowry.

The daughter's father agreed. Cash is left over at the time of marriage. The mental torture on the father and daughter began. The story of this terrible disease of our society ends with the self-sacrifice of Nirupama.

The story of this story in the tender hands of Rabindranath Tagore touches our hearts and gives birth to a kind of hatred towards those who accept dowry.

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