Bahipir part 2

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(The stage is the same, but everything is covered in the darkness of the night except the barge. They are scattered in the sky. Lanterns are burning in both the rooms. Hatem Ali is sitting on the floor in the outer room.

He looks at the door in the closet, wearing a colorful cloak and pajamas. Hashem walks restlessly in the next room. Sitting outside in the shadows, Haqiqullah smokes a hookah. A little farther away, the servant and the boatman talk in a half-bed. He will come to rescue his childhood friend from danger by raising money in some way.

But he does not come. (Pause) Another night. Khana knows Bahepir Hamet Ali Bahipir Hatem Ali Bahipir Hatem Ali Bahipir That is the last night of their zamindari. Couldn't tell them right now! Do you have any hope now? What else to hope for? (Somewhat annoyed) Notice Khader, Mr. Zamindar. What will happen after mourning?

So. What will happen after mourning. It will not scratch the body at night, the night will end at the same time as other nights. Let's go, let's end. (Looking at the door) Why didn't Hashem Baba come back? (Suddenly becomes aware with a little roughness) Pirsaheb, you are at your whim. If one BB goes you can bring another BB. But once my estate is gone, it will never come back?

Once gone, I can no longer stand up. Now I am sitting to be gone. There is not so much courage in the chest. I don't have the courage to say that to BB and the boy. See, Khaedai Rizikdenewala. He who is destined to have as much Rizik as he has, cannot share more than that. If he rips Rizik slowly, the ripping time will be longer; If you eat it quickly, it will be over soon. But still Khaeda made some arrangements.

The one who feels absolutely destitute also has something or other. Even if there is nothing else, Ruhania can stay in it. No, no one is ever so poor. Pir Saheb is right, no one is absolutely destitute. Just don’t understand at all.

I understand, but I don't understand. Although he did not understand, he did not stop talking about my problem. But try to understand my words once. You may wonder why there is so much effort to rescue a BB whom I have never met or met for a moment.

People judge everything by the length of time, but that is wrong. Once he assumes responsibility, it becomes his duty to fulfill that responsibility. Talking about the shortness of time, he cannot relieve himself of the burden of responsibility. The responsibility is the same for a one-moment wife as it is for a ten-year-old wife. So, even though my eye contact with Bibi has not happened, once the marriage is over, my responsibility towards her remains to the fullest. It is my duty to guide this ten-year-old BBO from misguidance, just as it would have been my duty to guide him out of misguidance.

(Stops and lowers his throat) The zamindar has fainted again: nothing is entering his earlobe. Gossip But why not return Hashem Baba. Once he enters the room, he seems to be in a joke, so what's the attraction? (Raises throat) Hashem Mia. Peersaheb is calling again. I've been in this room all afternoon and all afternoon, and it doesn't feel good anymore.

No matter how much he intended, he didn't say much. And I am like a messenger. It is as if I am traveling between two strong enemies on the battlefield in terms of counter-conditions. But the messenger has to be that teamless.

If there is a little tension towards the team in the corner and the flow of events is not favorable for him, it is difficult for him to remain indifferent. I don't really feel good anymore. Hashem Ro Tahera Khadeja Hashem 1 Khadeja Hashem Khadeja (in a slightly arrogant tone) If you don't like this song, you will suffer more.

I will tell Peersaheb. No; Did I say I don't like that kind of thing anymore? However, it seems that I do not have much patience in the opinion of Pir Saheb. When my mother opened the door and told Peersaheb about you, I thought, something will happen soon. But Peersaheb is careful. Shaker kept on restraining himself by eating loudly, ate and drank, then rested a little.

A feeling that there is no conflict anywhere, everything is fine, he has only come to visit his wife's family. In fact, the feeling of a cat, the feeling of a cat getting a rat under its paw. Hashem. (Without listening) Then the proposal started slowly. He was ready to shake him off. The devil that has climbed on his Bibi's shoulder will shake the devil down. But his BB doesn't just do everything. Peersaheb nodded and shook his head.

But it seems that his eyes are burning like a wild animal. Rose. (Angrily) Hashem can't sit here and listen to so much nonsense. What can I say about Pir Saheb? If you give a little fear - no fear? There is mother, there is fear. If not, does a girl escape like that?

And am I the only one who, according to the messenger, wanders from room to room? I don't see any need for him to go around so much. Go and tell Pirsaheb what Tahera is saying. He will do whatever he pleases.

(Annoyed) I'll say mother, I'll say. But when the good news is not, so what is the need to jump and say? Moreover, you can not see how serious the matter is becoming? At first, there was talk of caress, sweet talk, but now there is no fruit in it.

If he does not go with him, Peersaheb will inform the police, he will inform his father. But even then his BB is not afraid. He says that oppression will not work in any corner. If he is wronged, he will actually jump into the water or commit suicide with a rope around his neck. (In his mind in anger) ঐ One thing, I will commit suicide.

Not only is the devil sitting on the girl's neck, the devil is also inside her. And the devil seems to have pressed his neck too. Who knows who has the devil on his neck. In this old age, the intoxication of chatera behind a girl is just like that? Hashem, Hashem. What a disgrace in front of me. Mom, understand one thing. His marriage with Pirsaheb is a marriage in name only.

He did not say yes. He did not give any opinion. Did I say yes when she got married to her father? Is marriage a law or a lawsuit? There is so much talk about it because it is not a law. You didn't say yes out of embarrassment, and he didn't say yes. If there is no opinion, marriage cannot be permissible in any place Khadeja Bahipir Hashem Bahipir was not permissible.

If it was permissible, if he had run away from Pirsaheb's house and family, then it might have been reasonable to speak on behalf of Pirsaheb. Let him talk, but a little kindness to him - Maya is not yours. Didn't you feel any pity for the one whom you hugged yesterday and gave shelter to, who worked with you all day today, whose hair you tied before Maghrib?

(Suddenly in a different voice) What do I do if I have compassion? Mamata is that. I don't have a daughter. It was nice to see him sitting next to me all day doing odd jobs. But his fortune is bad, what can we do? If Peersaheb had not come, there was something else. He is in the next room. He also knows that his BB is here.

He also wants his BB to go back with him. I have repeatedly told him that I am not willing to take his curse on his head by displeasing Pir Saheb. We have nothing else to do but that.

Go and tell Pirsaheb what he has said. It is up to him to call the police or inform his father. Hashem Mia. Where did Hashem Mian go? (Hashem goes to the next room without repeating.) Pirsaheb, he is saying the same thing. He says he would jump into the water and commit suicide if the police called or informed his father. No one can stop it.

Whoa! (Think. Then) See. Open the middle door a little and I will talk to him. I don't understand what you do when you go to that house. (Hashem opens the door a little. Peersaheb pulls a ram and sits by the door.) Bibi Saheb (loudly interrupting) Don't call me Bibi Saheb.

I did not like the marriage. I did not marry you. (A little angry) Even if you don't like it, your father has given it to you. Apart from that, the cabinet letter including the witness-evidence has also been destroyed. Now why should he talk. (Changing tone) Look, listen to me with your heart. (Interrupting again) I don't want to hear from you. My father and Satya married you to make you happy. I am like a scapegoat.

You can report to the police, you can call my father, you can oppress me. But I will not go with you. You haven't seen me, I haven't seen you. And I don't even want to see you. Khaeda Khaeda, where shall I go. What does the girl say on the face of Pirsaheb! Hearing that, the inside of my chest cups. Shanen talks about me.

No, I don't want to hear from you. (Suddenly lost in anger) Haqiqullah! Haqiqullah! (Haqiqullah hurried in.) Go, call the police. Too much caress - whimsy, no more. Respect me, call the police. There are police at the wharf, let Haqiqullah call them.

Tahera Bahipir Tahera Khaedeja Bahipir Tahera Bahipir Haqiqullah Hashem 1 Khadeja. Bahipir Hashem Khaedeja. Haqiqullah Bahipir Haqiqullah Bahipir Haqiqullah ji Huzur, bring this call. (He goes out and stands at the last moment. Hearing the scream, the servant and the two of them get up and sit down.) Pirsaheb.

He made a mistake by calling the police, Pirsaheb. [In the next room, Taheri suddenly got up in a hurry, went to the room, knelt on the bench, and as soon as she got out of the window, Khadeja jumped up and wrapped her arms around his waist. ] Hashem. The girl is gone, I can't hold her anymore.

[Hashem chased Pirsaheb to the next room, grabbed Tahera's hand and pulled the hatch. Peersaheb got up in a hurry and stood in front of the door, his eyes widened. Hearing the shout, Haqiqullah also hurriedly stood behind Pirsaheb. ) Hashem Baba, you let go of his hand. Don't touch my BB.

(In a rough voice) Who would have saved him if he hadn't given a hand? (Releases hand.) Khaeda Khaeda, my head is spinning. (Looks at Haqiqullah) He is peeking again. What's going on in this barge? Where did he go? (In hair) I am Haqiqullahu, Huzur's Laik.

(Turning around) Haqiqullah. You didn't go to call the police? What are you doing here standing on my shoulder according to Gabriel? No, no, what happened? No one is listening.

(Moving away, Pirsaheb sat down on the bench in despair.) (Surprised) Wondering? What were you thinking? Yes. I thought, maybe you are talking about calling the police in anger. When he called, he did not regret it later.

No matter, I don't understand anything. Haqiqullah has even started thinking, let's do it well, it's not a matter of the police. What can the police do? Haqiqullah, make it a little windy. The head is hot. (Haqiqullah starts blowing with the fan.) (Suddenly wakes up) What's going on around?

What's so loud? (Chewing face) What will happen again. I'm eating a little air. (Shaking hands) You hurt me. The pain has healed. If he did not come and catch Taema, who would save Taema? The girl wants to jump into the water again. Well done girl. Why do you have so many headaches to save me?

(Angry) Will I see him die in front of my eyes or standing? Got it. You can eat the meat of the sacrifice, but you cannot see the slaughter of cows. Do you think I would jump into the water? Is it so easy to give your life? You have no intelligence. Bahipir Hatem Ali Bahipir Taheri Khadeja Taher Hashem Taher.........

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