Bahipir part 1

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It's nine o'clock in the autumn. The sound of the water, the whistling of the ship in the distance, the roar of the peddlers on the shore, the faint remnants of the Bhatiali song, etc., make the curtain rise and a colorful barge with two compartments can be seen across most of the stage. Slightly higher edge in the corner, a staircase leading from the barge to the shore.

The barge floated towards the audience. Most of the windows at the back have rafts, through which a glimpse of the other side can be seen. Sitting on the deck in front of the barge, a servant was grinding spices and a boatman a short distance away made a rope in his mind. Haqiqullah sits next to him and smokes a hookah.

A colorful cloak and pajamas dry on the roof. In the big room, Hatem Ali, half-covered with a sheet, talked to Bahipir. At the age of fifty, he had a look of concern on his face. He suddenly became distracted while talking. Bahipir is a little older but has a strong body. Half-ripe beard on the face, trimming the hair on the head. In the next room, Hatem Ali's son Hashem Ali sat in Maera and saw his mother Khadeja and Tahera's curry quota.

Hashem Ali is a young man; Unstable mind and the habit of getting a little angry. Sometimes he walks, sometimes he sits, sometimes he lies down on a bed by the window. Tahera is young; Slight expression on the face. That, of course, is not always the case. Khadeja and Tahera will cook all morning.

The servant who can be seen crushing spices outside will come from here and there. After the curtain rises, Hatem and Bahipir will be seen talking, but his voice will not be heard until Hashem Ali and Khadeja have finished talking in the next room. The door between the two rooms is closed] Hashem. What a storm last night! I have never seen such a storm. Do not enter the canal in time.

If you can, who knows what happens. (Looking at Tahera) Were you scared? Tahera (shaking her head only) Khadeja The girl who can run away from home is not so scared. But I don't understand how you managed to escape. The word does not want to be believed. Who ever heard of that? (Pauses) When I escaped, I didn't really notice where I was going, where I was staying, how I was doing that. Tahera (shaking her head again) Khaedja (while working) If we hadn't stopped the barge at Demra Ghat tomorrow and picked up Taema when we saw that she was in danger, where would she be now, where would she go or where?

(Not getting an answer) Suddenly I saw a crowd on the shore. A boy is crying, a young girl is sitting quietly next to him. The servant came and said that a Muslim girl was in danger. With a boy, she is also crying. Or they have nowhere to go? I don't even know where it is going. Hearing this, the crowd has gathered, the changelings are swallowing Taema with their eyes, they have also started making jokes. (Pause) Think about it; What happens if I don't call you?

Tahera Hashem Tahera Khadeja Tahera Khadeja Tahera Khadeja Tahera (laughs a little) Can anyone escape if they think so? Who was the boy? Cousin He told me about her. A young boy, without understanding or listening to his words, became a companion. But on reaching Demra, the boy suddenly regained consciousness; This is what he is doing. Then he said, the police came and caught them. Apart from that, he is also hungry but no one has money. The boy began to cry in fear and hunger.

(To Tahera) Even though you were a girl, there was no fear in your eyes, there were tears, well done girl. I did not know that such a girl is born in someone's womb. (Laughter) You didn't marry that old man, how did you understand why or how I ran away? (Surprised) Don't talk! If you get married to an old man or someone escapes? It is a matter of destiny to get married.

Some people like Dula alliance, some people don't like alliance, some people get health, wealth, everyone gets it. Is that why you have to run away? Doesn't that mean it's a big sin? (Smiling, looking out the window without answering) Empty water hyacinth in the river. There are no purple water lilies in the river, there are no lotuses. Empty water hyacinth, only water hyacinth floats.

No, the girl has no thoughts. Happily ever after. Who are you at home (Glancing at Hashem) Bapjan and Satya. Bapjan married me to that old Pir, we are his disciples. Of course I am not, my father and really his disciple. Once in a year or two, when Pirsaheb came, they became restless to serve him. (Suddenly angry) Is I a goat - Eid cow or goat? What a style that you say! Getting married to Pir is not a bad thing at all. (Suddenly remembers) Good thing, Pirsaheb will eat at night or not, Hashem? .

You will leave after lunch. Dad said a lot but he didn't agree. He has an urgent job. Peersaheb's clothes will also dry by noon. He might have drowned if the sailors hadn't picked him up in our barge last night. I did not understand how the barge collided with his boat. During the storm, barges and boats were trying to enter the canal at the same time.

In the darkness, the sailors could not cope with the pressure of the wind. The boat was hit and left half-left in one minute. Luckily, nothing happened to the barge. It seems that before the collision, Pir Saheb's boat was in disarray. Peersaheb and his companions both ate some nakani-chubani.

But I do not understand what is happening in our barge. Where is the unknown - this girl is unknown. Then a Pir Saheb got on a barge and saved his life by drowning. (Looking at Tahera) Isn't this Pirsaheb your Pirsaheb? . Although I didn't see him well, I heard his voice a lot. I must have known the throat. Without it, he will suddenly go here by boat or where? Khaedja Hashem.

Khadeja. Hashem Khaedja Hashem TaherHashem Taheri. Khadeja. Khaedja Hatem Ali (jokingly) may be looking for you. (He is afraid to think about it; he does not say anything.) Then it is better. It is in this barge that Pirsaheb and his Bibi meet, we get some rewards from the middle. (Suddenly he closes the curry quota and sits down anxiously.) No, don't say that. (Annoyed) No, I've never seen a girl like that, Dad. Even though he is old, he is a pir. Without it, Joan Pir cannot be seen. [Hatem Ali calls the boy from the next room, Hashem, Hashem. Hashem goes to that room.

As he was leaving, Tahera opened the door and looked at Uki, then suddenly stopped and sat down. Tahera and Khadeja will talk from time to time, but this time their voices will not reach the audience. ] Why are you sitting in the next room? Talk to Peersaheb. (Hashem sits in a field far away.) The boy, after finishing college, now wants to print. Says, the printing business is big.

But I do not understand. I don't like the body. I say, don't live for a while - it's not okay to live, stay with me as long as I'm alive. I don't have that boy anymore. But what can I say, everything is the will of the eater, it is difficult to understand his will, who knows what is in his destiny. Why don't you ever meet me like this - have I ever imagined that? Who would have thought that there would be a sudden storm, that your boat would collide with my barge as it sank into the canal, causing your boat to half-sink? But whatever he is, a thousand thanks to Khaedar for not harming any part of your body.

Other than that, I feel very blessed to have you on my barge at the time of the accident. All orders to eat. (Pause) Your full identity - I haven't found it yet. My name is Hatem Ali. I have at least some zamindari in Reshampur. My only son is Hashem Ali. A little restless in nature, he wants to eat - he likes to slow down. Whatever he is - Hayek. For a few days now, my body has not been feeling well, I thought, come to the city and get medicine. Wanted to come alone; But Bibi Saheba and the boy did not come alone! Come on, it's better.

(Pause) Well, Peersaheb, I ask you a question if you don't think it is bad. How is your name Bahipir? You may have noticed that I speak in a completely foreign language. There is a reason for this. My disciples in different parts of the country. One style of speech is introduced in each place.

The language of one place is not binding in another place, but it is ridiculous. What else do I do. I have to go all over the North South East West, how many more languages ​​can I speak. In order to solve that problem, I have learned the language of the foreign language and talk in that language, the foreign language is my only language. Without it, the spoken language stuck in my ears. It seems that there is no sanctity, no seriousness in it. My duty is to convey the message of food to the people. There is no other language that is sacred and serious according to the language of the book for that work. Spoken language is the language of the field, he does not have the ability to carry the message of Khaed.

Bahipir Hatem Ali BahipirHashem Tahera Khadeja See Hashem Hashem Khadeja, you move away from there. You have no fear. Pirsaheb doesn't know about you, he doesn't even know and he will leave at noon after eating. (Suddenly he sits down, covers his face and starts crying. It seems that he will cry for a long time but soon he wipes his eyes and calms down.) No. No one will say.

Hashem, how are you? What can I do without telling Pirsaheb? If you do not go with the girl, who will see her? Mom. Now shut it up a little. You have done enough for me. Demra picked him up from the ghat and gave shelter to the barge. Please do a little more. Because, I will never go with Pirsaheb. I will jump into the water and die, but I will not go. Don't disbelieve me. (Suddenly emphatically) Look, you don't have to worry. You have no fear.

I promise, you don't have to go back with Peersaheb. Why are you talking so long and wide? Come back to his father, whatever he tells you to do will be done. (Peersaheb calls from the next room, Hashem Mia) That Peersaheb is calling him. Go and see what he wants. Apart from that, what is the need for him to roam around the house? The girl also felt a little ashamed.

If so, what can escape? Hashem Baba-. O Hashem Mia. (Raises throat) This is Peersaheb coming. (Then looking at his mother) Mother, even as a boy, I haven't talked to you so much in a corner, I haven't answered on my face. But now everything seems to have changed. So I have to say. Mom, Shashanen.

My word. Picked up an endangered girl from the path. Hayek made a mistake and whatever he did, he ran away from home - that's not a good thing for a girl. You can understand that his state of mind is not in my opinion. What if he jumped into the water and promised to give his life in his own hands? Besides, when you saw him in danger at Demra's wharf, when Mamata woke up in your mind, when you picked him up in your barge without knowing him, didn't you have any responsibility towards him?

Mom, don't talk to him anymore; Please be patient. If he really jumps into the water all of a sudden, can you stop him alone? (Surprised) What do you want? Why is he so upset about Pirsaheb's BB? I would rather go to the next room, Pirsaheb is calling again and again. (Khadeja hurried to the next room.

Khadeja looked at Tahera who was sitting with her face down for a few moments and then started cooking again.) Hashem Khaedja Hashem Bahipir Hashem

Bahipir Hashem Bahipir Hashem Bahipir Hashem is nothing special. I was wondering what happened to you. Didn't he suddenly disappear? How do I get lost? If he doesn't jump into the water, he can't escape from that room. Good words, good words. Good thing, why is Pir Saheb saying? Not that it's a word, but that's what I called for.

Hey, so I don't remember what I called it for. Baedh, sitting alone did not feel good. It's always a habit to kill Waz, I can't stay long without talking to anyone. Without it, sitting alone in silence causes unrest in the mind. Let him talk. Why is your father so late to return? (Looking at the shore) Here he is. (Hatem Ali enters with very slow legs, his face is thoughtful. He looks weaker, he sits on the bench with the stick in his hand and is silent. Abba! What happened to you? Why do you look like that?) Do you have any bad news, Mr. Zamindar? (Looking up) Bad news?

No, bad news, what else? But I am also harassing you for moving my sick body. Hashem, bring me a glass of water. Pour water from.] Who is the water for, Hashem? For Abba, he is being harassed. Why is he being harassed? What happened to him? What did the doctor say to Hashem? (Going out quickly) I want to talk to Pir Saheb. You have Hatem Ali Khadeja of Hashem Bahipir in the next room. Hashem Khadeja. Go to Hashem Hatem Ali. Hashem Hatem Ali Bahipir. , Don't talk about father's face.

(Hashem He picked up the glass and went to the next room, where he lay down on a straight bench. Khadeja got up and stood beside him and talked but his voice could not be heard. ] (Looking at the floor) Peersaheb, the sky suddenly broke over my head. All around I see darkness. The ground seems to be moving away from the soles of my feet. What's the matter, he said openly.

Don't hesitate to tell me. Your great kindness Pirsaheb, I want to hear your sorrow, I am getting a little confidence. I can tell you that the thoughts of the mind may be relieved, maybe you can show me a little way. Honestly I see no way. Now I don't know how to show my face to my family and to ten people in the country. Bahipir Hamet Ali....

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