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Philosophy's Relationship with the Covid-19 Pandemic?

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2 months ago

.Philosophy as a basis of science, it is important that philosophy be used as a knife of study to discuss the current problems, namely the Covid-19 pandemic. The spread of the Covid-19 virus can be discussed through philosophical thinking in terms of ontology, axiology and epistemology which will later show where the problem is.

When viewed from an epistemological perspective, the order of human life and society has changed, for example, the human need for technology has increased due to changes in performance procedures and schools have been changed to online methods. When viewed from an axiological perspective, it makes people look panicked and increases their spirituality. Then when viewed from the perspective of ontology, the community will ask whether this is a disaster that will destroy them later. Some of these understandings will later become questions about the connection between philosophy and the Covid-19 pandemic that is being experienced by everyone around the world. We often hear the saying united we stand, divided we fall. But in the midst of a pandemic situation like this the saying seems to no longer apply. We will be more familiar with the saying united we die, divided we survive. It sounds very strange, but that's the adage that must be applied right now in the midst of the outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia.

Information about the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently going on in Indonesia has received various responses from the public, ranging from accepting and then ignoring and some just hearing and feeling "dumb". In an understanding of philosophy that focuses more on human philosophical thinking, humans are basically singular-plural. Humans are individual as well as social creatures. It is singular because humans have been formed in a single nature and cannot be disturbed and changed again, no human being is the same as one another. When viewed from the plural, humans cannot live alone, meaning that humans are social beings who also need the help and roles of others in themselves, whether consciously or not.

Psychologically (psyche) is explained if humans have been shaped and influenced by various thoughts since they were in their mother's womb, ranging from aspects of knowledge to aspects of relationships between individuals. The French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy said "the me that exists now is the single me and has been pinned with a mindset from an early age, and the me that exists now is the me that has been formed from the existing social". Precisely in the midst of rampant cases of the covid pandemic like this, caring and not caring for others can become a "disaster". These two groups then traveled and spread Covid-19. At this time, humans who are singular plural must be able to limit themselves to others, as well as other people must be able to limit themselves to us directly, which is useful for mutual safety.

When the Covid-19 disaster hit us and we were confused about how to react to it, humans who so believed in technology are now paralyzed. There is no vaccine, once it is found it will also take a long time to identify it first. We as humans who believe so much in technology are also now suddenly faced with "darkness", the only thing we can do right now is isolate ourselves and face a reality that is difficult to explain with this pandemic. When viewed from the perspective of Albert Camus, a philosopher who explains that human life is absurd. The location of the absurdity is that on the one hand humans live towards the future while on the other hand the future brings humans closer to death.

Then with this absurdity, humans eventually escape and create beliefs with religion/ideology that are useful for making strength or confidence to live their lives. Dealing with this pandemic situation, Camus explained that in this situation it is described as being at war, where when life seems so easy, death that comes suddenly we must also be aware of the coming disaster. Basically, in an epidemic situation like this, when people self-isolate and offices are closed, as well as an activity is sacrificed, what we actually fear is death. Humans certainly really believe in existing health technology, but who would have thought that Covid-19 would appear and attack many people in the world. Here, Albert Camus describes an unexplained disaster such as the Covid-19 situation which is absurd without any prior notification. (MA)

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Written by   26
2 months ago
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