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2 years ago

If you don't get what you want at the moment, you can
say, "My fortune is really bad." You don't know !!
You know just to be disappointed, to blame the fortune !!

The very hand of the man you want to fist, if you notice one day, his hand will never touch you, it is not written in your destiny !!

Even if you didn't know it before you swallowed the sleeping pills in the loneliness of depression and severe depression, that man
would have left you with severe pain after a few months !!

You actually survived, someone from above saved you !!
You don't always have to win in life, sometimes you have to lose !!

You are going to win in the midst of some losses, there are many big gains hidden in the midst of not getting any, you can't see, you don't understand!

If you want to be truly good, learn to believe; "Whatever happens, is for the better" !! র্ম You may not feel the meaning of 'good' today, you will not feel it tomorrow, but one day you will feel it.

The day you
realize it, don't forget to look up at the sky and give a grateful smile

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Very nice article

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2 years ago