how to exchange 1UP using uniswap

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3 years ago

There are so many exchanges that list 1UP such as Altily, and uniswap in this one i'm going to show you how to exchange 1UP using uniswap v2 so bear with me

1- click on the following site:

you will be directed to an interface similar to the image below

2-The second step is that you have to connect your wallet to this latter

I'm using metamask but you can link another wallet of your choice

all you have to do is to click on the connect to wallet button as shown above

3-When you click on it metamask will pop up and prompt you to enter your password as demonstrated down so enter your password

4-After linking your wallet it will show you your Ethereum address as represented in the picture beneath and you are now ready to make exchanges

5-now click on the arrow as depicted in the pictures after that click on select token and and choose 1UP as show down

6-The final step is to enter the amount you want to exchange then click on the exchange button as shown below and boom you made your first exchange

i hope i helped

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I joined uptrennd but not getting response there.

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i know how you feel man the same things happens to all of us they only upvote the guardians or the ones who have higher ranks that's how it works there and what really pisses me off is that they are not going to do anything about it

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