Ukay-ukay or thrift shop

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2 years ago

Have you ever wonder where it came from? Is it okay to have it or not? Many people used to go to a thrift shop because it is cheaper and affordable. It may sound disgusting to others because it is second hand but it is a big help to those who can't afford to buy brand new goods and stuff.

The ukay-ukay was derived from the Filipino word hukay which means to dig. It is also known as second-hand goods like clothes, shoes, and bags. The ukay-ukay store was originated from Baguio, Philippines and it was also called "wagwagan" or to take off the dust from the clothes. Baguio has the largest number of ukay-ukay distributor and has a cheaper price compare to other sellers of ukay-ukay bundles.

Many Filipinos are enjoying to shop at a thrift store because of its cheaper price. I am also one of costumer of second-hand products but most of the time I get disappointed because of its quality. But what should I expect for its cheap price? Sometimes other ukay-ukay stores are also expensive due to their goods brand. I also have doubts and sometimes I am uncomfortable when buying at the ukay-ukay store because it may contain some bacteria or viruses. And I even think that it was from dead person stuff. But despite these thoughts, I still go to an ukay-ukay store.

When I got clothes from the thrift shop or ukay-ukay store I wash and soak them with hot water. I also use anti-bacterial laundry soap and fabric softener. Also, iron the clothes to kill the bacteria.

I also used to sell ukay-ukay or second-hand clothes but I was forced to close my store because of volcanic ashfall and I am having a baby at that time. It is not easy to sell second-hand goods but I do some stuff like this because I want to help my husband to earn and provide for our daily needs. Some people may think it is dirty or disgusting but sometimes it is more profitable than other sources of income. It is not about what you sell. It is about how and what you do for a living.

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Here in our city, ukay-ukay is more popular than those clothes sold in stores. It is very rampant here.

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