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2 years ago

This is supposed to be a short post but I post it here because creating a short post doesn't allow you to add photos. As you can see most of my published articles previously were in the Filipino language. Just in case you don't know I will give you a hint on how to translate articles in different languages by using read. cash platform.

So, if you want to read my article in the English language see the photo below and click the one with the red circle.

You can see the title of my article in Tagalog words(encircled with a yellow tint) but if click the one with a red circle it will directly translate to the English language, see the next photos.

There you go!

Try it and see how it works. I can say that it was more accurate than google translation.

I wrote and prefer my language because I express everything in my mind without changing words or phrases just to make it sounds good to readers. I sincerely apologize to my subscribers for writing Tagalog articles but please do me a favor, if you want to read my article or please try to read my articles in the English language by translating them first. I appreciate your effort if you will.

Thank you so much, readers and writers!

Thank you for this great opportunity for us!


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