My 4th week as an online seller

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1 year ago

There are a lot of things to consider once you decided to be an online seller. And I'm telling you that is not so easy but we have to go through the rough roads to be sharp and competent. I know it was hard at first but I didn't know that it was very hard. But now, I am willing to take the risk because I already started it. I asked my husband to support me to have courage and be confident as well. I needed someone like him to go with the flow.

Negative and positive feedback will help us grow and improve our products and service. They said the customer is always right but I think not in all cases. Especially when they reserved the items they must take the responsibility to pay and not to cancel them. One good thing about selling clothes is that they will last longer. It has no expirations, unlike foods and drinks. I have so many reasons to quit about this but I have to keep going for my goals. I want to earn while babysitting and housekeeping. Aside from micro-blogging and doing articles I want to do something that can help my mind to function better. I have a lot of things running in mind but I also want to achieve something aside from being a full-time mom and housewife.

Online selling and live selling was a trend nowadays and it comes from different marketing strategies. Some of them give free items to attract prospective buyers or customers. But in my case, I cannot afford to do this thing because it's too early for the giveaway. I need to get my investment and take some profit before doing this kind of stuff.

I have a lot of things to do in the morning so I can only supervise my commodities in the afternoon and when my baby's sleeping. It was hard for me to make time to do articles but it helps my mind to release some stress by letting it out. I feel better when I am writing even though I am not good enough in this spot. I want to try and do my best for my kids and to achieve my goals. They are my reasons to work harder. They are my inspirations to start this thing even though I don't know how and where to start.

I am still in the learning process as of now but I'm going to do my best to attain my goal this year.

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1 year ago