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How to earn online

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11 months ago

There's a lot of ways to fed hunger. There are no ways or excuses for how to earn.

Those who have internet and able to buy a load for data subscriptions can do business and part-time jobs online.

Here are some tips on how to make money online for free:

  • JOIN GIVEAWAY-There's a lot of people gone crazy about their social media account. In favorable terms on both sides, they offer giveaways and free money in exchange for likes, comments, share, and subscribe to their social media content. You can see one of these on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch. But don't just rely on this. Just try your luck and find some more reliable sources of income.

  • FILL UP FOR PAID SURVEY-Get paid when you share your opinion. Some paid survey requires you to use computers. It is just easy to fill up a survey. You can do it while looking for more sidelines.

  • JOIN AIRDROP-free crypto distribution to numerous cryptocurrency wallets. You just have to wait for the date of their distribution.

  • SELL ONLINE-online selling nowadays are popular. You can sell brand new or second-hand stuff. You can also sell drinks and food. You just have to be resourceful to make your sales better. Don't mind other sellers just go with the flow.

  • OFFER SERVICES -You can offer service online to attract more buyers and get a client and customer. You can offer food delivery.

  • INSTALL PAYING APP-You can install a paying app on your phone. Most of those paying app gives you daily bonus points. They offer another task for you to earn more points and exchange for real cash.

Let's help each other grow and found a new way to share knowledge and ways to earn just like what we are doing here.

Hope it will help you to find a new source of income. We are in a situation where we need to be resourceful to survive.

*I used screenshot photos of my social media account.

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Written by   47
11 months ago
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