How does comparison affect oneself

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Being a mom I am having a hard time dealing with everyday challenges. I hate being compared to other moms on how to raise kids. I am doing my best to accomplish my commitments responsibly. I want my strategies to be acknowledged and accepted not to be compared.

We are inborn with a difference. We have different kinds of physical, mental, emotional, and social race. But it seems normal to other people judging, criticizing, and discriminating against one another. Being compared to certain someone was never been easy to tolerate. We need to realize that we are different from one another and stop being a nuisance and a racist. Did you know that most of the comparisons considered dangerous?

Sometimes we compared ourselves to others using physical appearance and social status. It can lower or boosts your self-esteem. We should focus on ourselves on how to be a better person rather than being compared.

Why is it not good to compare yourself to others?

First of all, when you start comparing yourself to others you resent yourself. You are lacking self-confidence and self-esteem. You envy and get jealous of what you don't have and for being unable to do something others can. It could lead to an inferiority complex. You just distract yourself from being a racist on your own. You just waste your time comparing yourself rather than doing what you desire. You lived to grant other satisfaction. You desire what others have. You tend to do your best just to prove their erroneous mindset. In the long run, you will never acknowledge everything you have and you ask for more and more.

Sometimes when our family compared us to a specific someone we start self-pitying. We start setting off ourselves for being not able to earn privilege for our family. It leads to depression when we can't address it properly. What we need is support from one another not comparing and criticism.

Advantage of comparing yourself to others

On the contrary, comparison can motivate us to surpass others. When others compare us using precise utterances it conveys enthusiasm.

How to stop comparing yourself to others?

It is important to recognize that we are diverse from one another. We dwelled in our way to survived. Knowing your self-worth and true value will help us stop comparing our life to others. We need to distinguish our magnificence. Measuring our blessing will help us to realize how lucky we are. We should learn how to be contented and stop thinking about what we don't have and what others have. Focus on what you want rather than what others expect you to be. Believe and stop degrading yourself. Be thankful for what you have because you don't know there is somebody who might adore you and dream of what you have.

Please keep in mind not to offend everyone for not being equipped to do things you can instead be an insight to them. Help them grow and believe in themselves. Give them the motivation to strive harder not to be anyone shadow.

Sometimes we used to differ our life from the past to assess if we become better or worse people. We compare to recognize if there's some improvement.

Let's help each other grow and lived a normal life without setting trends to differentiate.

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