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Advantages and disadvantages of riding and owning motorcycle

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7 months ago

We are all getting excited about having a ride for most of the time. And yes, admit it or not, riding is fun but for some reason it is dangerous at the same time. There's a saying "Your life depends on the driver" when you are having a long rides especially when you're taking a bus and other transport vehicles. It is also the same as riding with your motorcycle, your life depends on how you manage to cross the street and how responsible you are as a rider.

It is safer to ride with four wheels vehicle rather than 2 wheels vehicle. Motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle which can carry one to two person depends on its variety and brand. Riding motorcycle can be useful but risky at the same time. In this article let us discuss the pros and cons of riding motorcycle. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of riding motorcycle.

Advantages of motorcycle

  • Motorcycle maintenance is cheaper than having a car. You can fix your motorcycle with your hands if you are familiar with it. You can change the oil and fix some broken pieces.

  • Motorcycle licensing and taxes are less than owning a four-wheeled vehicle.

  • Less fuel consumption since it has small motor compare to a car. Less fuel means more cheaper and you can save for your motorcycle maintenance.

  • You can make your way through and avoid traffic because you can occupied small space on the line.

  • Motorcycle parts are also inexpensive and easy to find.

  • Occupied small space for parking and easy to move back and forth.

  • Riding motorcycle has healthy benefits to a rider it includes the following:

    -Improves mental health- riders are more careful and vigilant in their surroundings when crossing streets ang overtaking other vehicles.

    -Build strong muscles- maneuvering around the streets can improves muscles endurance.

    -Riding motorcycle can also burns fat and calories.

Disadvantages of motorcycle

  • It is useful but more risky than riding with a four-wheeled vehicles. You are prone to accidents especially in the dark and night. 98% is the estimated percentage of getting injured while riding motorcycle. It is either your fault or other drivers who's involved in the accident.

  • Storage space is too small which means your motorcycle can't even carry your groceries or other heavy materials you needed.

  • Motorcycle is wide open, it doesn't have roof, doors and windows that can protect you from sunlight and rain. So you need to check and dress up accordingly to the weather when you are going to somewhere.

Riding with motorcycle can be fun and interesting and helps rider to feel cool and energised. But you have to set limitations and be responsible enough to know the traffic rules to avoid violations and accidents. Riding is one of the most dangerous activity. One wrong turn can harm your life and the others. You need to wear appropriate riding gears and follow safety measures to avoid any circumstances along the way.

There's no guarantee for your safety even though you follow the traffic rules and regulations and how cautious and vigilant you are while wandering on the streets because there are many reckless drivers you might encounter. We'll just need to keep in our mind that there are always pros and cons of whatever we takes. No matter how careful you are if one thing destined to happened you can't stop it by doing your part. It is important to pray before leaving and going to somewhere whether you ride with motorcycle or a car to travel with peace of mind.

To all riders out there please be careful and stay calm when dealing with someone when you got in trouble. Patience is one of the most important thing aside from your helmet and license.

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Written by   47
7 months ago
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