Six Actionable And Unbeatable Proven Steps To Create Abundance Of Wealth

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The process by which the desire for wealth can be transformed into its monetary counterpart consists of six specific, doable phases, namely:


Set the precise amount of money that you want in your head. Simply stating, "I want a lot of money," is insufficient. Be specific about the sum.


Decide precisely what you'll offer in exchange for the money you want. (In actuality, receiving anything for nothing is not possible.)


Decide on a specific date by which you want to have the money you want.


Whether you're ready or not, make a clear plan for achieving your goal and start implementing it right now.


Spell out in clear, plain language how much money you aim to obtain, how long you expect to take to get it, what you plan to give in exchange for the money, and how you want to go about doing it.


Every day, immediately before going to bed at night and right after waking up in the morning, read your written statement out twice. As you read, visualise, feel, and believe that you already have the money.

It is crucial that you adhere to the guidelines outlined in these six phases. It is crucial that you pay attention to and abide by the instructions in the sixth paragraph. You might be upset that you can't see yourself in possession of money before you actually do. A BURNING DESIRE will help you in this situation. You won't have any trouble persuading yourself that you will get money if you REALLY WANT IT SO BADLY that it's an obsession. The goal is to want money so badly and convince yourself that you will get it by becoming so determined to obtain it.

The only people who ever amass significant wealth are those who "cash in" on it. When one is "money conscious," it means that their mind has been so thoroughly inundated with the need for money that they can visualise themselves already having it.

These instructions could seem impracticable to someone who is unfamiliar with mental processes or who has not received training in them. Knowing that the information in the six steps was obtained from Andrew Carnegie, who started out as a common labourer in the steel mills but managed, despite his modest beginnings, to make these principles yield him a fortune of significantly more than one hundred million dollars, may be helpful to those who are unable to recognise the soundness of the six steps.

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Topics: Life, Money, Habits, Motivation, Wealth, ...