Five Ways to Combat the Sense of Emptiness

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To combat emptiness, you must identify what you are missing. Is it a feeling of interconnectedness, belonging, purpose, achievements, fame or meaning? Here are some tips from top experts on how to identify and stop feeling empty that have been medically reviewed.


1. Rebalance and Refocus Yourself

Spend a few minutes meditating or working out to put your body and mind in a good frame of mind. Spend more time thinking about who you are and what you want.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the many advantages of bathing, including pain reduction, increased mobility, and improved mental health.

While it's simple to become sidetracked by all the unpleasant emotions you're experiencing, it's crucial to refocus by engaging in self-care activities like exercise, a balanced diet, meditation, and other beneficial routines.

2. Use others to help you identify your needs.

Everyone has wants, and it's crucial to understand that we often can't fulfill them on our own. We assume we must handle them alone, yet there are instances when it is crucial to seek assistance.

Asking for assistance can solve many problems in life and serve as a starting point for getting the things you need. For instance, ask a family member to introduce you to some new people if you lack interpersonal connection. Numerous new connections might be made with just one introduction.

Find a friend who wants to start exercising at the gym if you're having difficulties getting motivated. You can serve as each other's accountability partner. If you're willing to reach out, someone may be available to assist you with whatever you may be lacking.

3. Be grateful for and cherish what you have

Gratitude is another strategy for overcoming feelings of depletion. According to research, feeling gratitude is a very important positive emotion that enables people to broaden their perspectives of the world and themselves, which in turn helps them develop stronger social skills and relationships. You can access a perpetual inner smile through this form of spiritual practice.

This implies that those who feel grateful also value their ties with friends and family more. They are also significantly happier and less anxious overall.

By focusing on all the positive things we often take for granted, try to be more grateful for your surroundings. You can see how much great energy you can generate by giving someone a simple compliment throughout the day.

Consider keeping a gratitude diary if you like to write. Spend 5 to 10 minutes every morning or evening listing your three greatest blessings.

4. Continue to learn new things

Learning something new produces motivational benefits akin to dopamine, which stimulates emotions, according to neurobiologists. As a result, it's crucial to push yourself to learn something new every day or every week in addition to reviewing the knowledge you've already acquired.

For this, you can use YouTube videos or instructive podcasts. Because TED speeches are sometimes relatively brief, you may fit some learning into even your busiest days.

If you enjoy reading, purchase a few old books and set a deadline for yourself to finish them. Find something that fascinates you; even fiction novels have a lot to teach you about psychology and the human condition.

5. Reach Out For Professional Assistance If Needed

Despite spending a lot of time reflecting on themselves and looking for issues, many people are unable to pinpoint the cause of this sensation.

Find a competent mental health expert who can assist you in exploring your emotions and determining the cause of your empty feeling. They'll assist in keeping you grounded in the present so that you can heal.

To connect with people who could be going through similar issues, look into joining support groups.

Try to get past the notion that asking for help from a professional indicates weakness; it most certainly doesn't. It takes tremendous fortitude and bravery to ask for assistance, and as you start to reap the rewards, you'll wish you had done it sooner.

Final Reflections

It can take time and effort to identify the root of inner emptiness. Find out what makes you feel incomplete and rediscover happiness instead of diverting yourself by trying to fill this emptiness with things like food, alcohol, shopping, and drug use.

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