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How much I love to see the sky in the morning ... I love to watch Surya Mama wake up more than that.

You can look at Mama incessantly in any Maya Mantra. The sun spreads the scattering of Mama and her light all around and how much it is nice to spread it in yourself in peace !!

But in the hot sun at noon, everything shines. Then the real thing happens when you go to see Surya Mama with a little caress ....

If you look at your uncle with a look of love for a while, you will sneeze.

Let Surya Mama sneeze with love. But why not in the morning?

It was seen again that Suzy Mama does not give this gift of love when she is sleeping.

Again, not only Surya Mama, but also sneezes when it gets cold or at other times.

This is where the problem arises. So what is the reason behind this !!! I don't think that Surya Mama has given any gift !!

Then why this sneeze !! What this sneeze !!!!

Aww !!!!!

Let's dive into the story of sneezing ...........

The English word for sneeze is "sneeze".

It is not possible to say exactly where the word sneeze came from. However, it is believed that the word sneeze came from the Indo-European word "penu" which means to breathe.

However, it is difficult to say exactly.

Normally, if the nasal mucosa is stimulated থেকে Nasal mucosa (a type of tissue) থেকে from the outer particle, and if air particles are suddenly expelled from the nose or mouth at high speed without much desire, then it is called sneezing or sternutation. .

Why is sneezing given? I mean why sneezing comes ???

Histamine হয়ে Histamin (a type of compound derived from amino acids)} is released when the exogenous particles enter the nasal fur through the nose, which stimulates the nerve cells in the nose, sending signals to the brain through the trigeminal nerve network.

The brain sends an initial signal against this signal that activates the pharyngeal and tracheal muscles and opens the nasal and mouth enlarged.

As a result, air and particles are released.

Sneezing also occurs as a result of stimulation of a nerve called sinus.

I understand that. But why do you sneeze when you look at the sun? And why don't you sneeze so much in the morning or evening Hmmmmm ??

We may say that everyone sneezes when they look at the sun, but only 10% -35% of people sneeze when they look at the sun. ) !!!! However, there is nothing to worry about. Apparently, it is not harmful. However, in medicine it is called ACHOO: Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome.

When one looks at the sun, the bright light of the sun compresses the pupil of the eye and in some way stimulates the nasal mucosa, resulting in sneezing. However, this is only the case with light of a certain wavelength.

We do not sneeze much in the morning or evening because the brightness of sunlight is less then.

But what kind of sound do we make when sneezing?

Sneezing sounds are different in different countries, such as Achoo in English, Hatschi in Germany and Hakshon in Japanese.

Well, is there any superstition or history about sneezing ??

In ancient Greece, sneezing was thought to be a premonition of something to happen, or a sneeze to tell about the future, which came directly from God. Give.

Then a soldier increases the importance of his speech by sneezing. Because everyone thought that it has the consent of God, so everyone is happy.

This can be seen in the story of Odysseus.

This belief remains in the minds of people over time. In some parts of Greece it is still believed that sneezing is a sign of the consent of the gods or goddesses.

If someone is claiming something and the person who is listening to it sneezes loudly, the person who is claiming something will say at the end of his speech, "You're fine and I'm telling the truth (γεια σου κι λέω y, ya sou ki alithia leo)"

There are also some superstitions about sneezing in China, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan.

If you sneeze once, it is as if someone is saying something good about you; if you sneeze twice in a row, it is as if someone is thinking deeply about you; Love has been created; and if you sneeze more than once, then what else brother !!

You have a cold.

Again, in Indian culture, especially in North Bengal, India, it is thought that if you go out and sneeze at such a time, it is a sign of your impending danger, as is believed in Iran.

Basically, the causes and importance of sneezing vary from place to place and from time to time.

I don't see anything to be surprised about sneezing. Is there really nothing special about sneezing?

When we sneeze, can we think that its speed can be 100 miles per hour !!! Whereas tsunami speed is 500 miles per hour !!! And about 100,000 air particles can come out through one sneeze !!

The air particles that come out as a result of sneezing can go 5-30 feet away from the place of sneezing !!

We can never sneeze with our eyes open !! Because when our brain sends a sneeze signal, it also sends a signal to close our eyes at the same time.

We can never sneeze while sleeping because the nerve signal that goes through the nerve is then inactive !!!

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest sneeze record is 96 days by Britain's Donna Griffiths !!!!!

The record for the loudest sneeze is 18 decibels, set by China's Yi Yang, where the sonic bomb's sound intensity level is 200 decibels.

Hmmm, good. But this sneeze, does it have any advantages or disadvantages?

From a scientific point of view, sneezing has many benefits. Sneezing keeps our body healthy. Sneezing removes many harmful germs. It also removes dust, sand or any other irritating substance from the lungs.

Relieves excess stress on the body through sneezing.

The idea is that if the sneeze is blocked, it can damage the blood vessels of the eyes and nose, although the chances are very low. So sneezing should never be stopped. But not on others, because it can cause bacterial infections. It can be used.

So don't neglect sneezing. This is a very important action. If you sneeze for a while, everyone would be happy thinking of God's consent. But now, of course, another possibility or fear cannot be neglected.

"It's not cold again !! Don't do it brother !!! There is fear. So no !!!"

Happy sneezing-achchuuuuuuuuuu !!!!










Forgiveness of mistakes will be seen in a beautiful way.

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Sky is very beautiful

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