how can you helped disabled persons?

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2 years ago

How can you help a person with a disability?

How can a person with a disability help?

Respect them and respect them.

They have good hearts even when they are disabled.

They can also do a lot like we do without disabilities or illnesses.

Help them by giving them the courage to live as normal people.

It will not be an obstacle to whatever their disability is.

Support them in their activities, activities, projects so that they can feel love from us.

They are usually good at painting, weaving, or whatever else they like to do.

Understand their shortcomings because not all of us can do the same.

But, by giving them love, proper care and understanding they will not feel that they are disabled.

Let us pray that they will feel well.

I believe they will still recover despite their disability.

Do not feel that they are not able to help with other activities because they are disabled.

Often people with disabilities are even better than people without disabilities when it comes to other fields.

Why do we need to help the disabled?

Because they are human too.

They have good hearts and like us, they also have plans for life and dreams for themselves.

Because of our help, they will feel the love of their neighbor more.

Thanks to our help, their willpower to fulfill their dreams grows stronger.

They can achieve this with the help and support of all of us.

Because they are also one of the creations of our Lord so we should also give them love and understanding.

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