Way Back Then ~February 14, 2008~

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I met my wife in January of 2008 and we became official lovers February 14 of that same year. I was a Crew Trainer back then and she was a newly hired crew who was assigned to my station to be trained. While I was conducting her training, I was also busy courting my fellow Crew Trainer from the other station. Hehe I am an old-school and so I was fond of secretly leaving anonymous love notes to the person I courted. I put the notes in her bag in the Crew Room while she was busy working.

One day, I copied the stanza of Jose Mari Chan's song entitled, "Afraid for Love to Fade" The stanza goes:

"My head's in a jam I can't take you off my mind

From the time we met I've been beset the thoughts of you

And the more I hide this feeling

The more I find myself believing

That I just have to see you again"

I then sneaked to the Crew Room and put the love note in her bag.

A moment later, I was so surprised to see my trainee (my wife today) holding the love note which I left in the bag of the other crew whom I was courting. She was bringing it in the station and was busy asking our fellow crews if they knew whose penmanship was it.

In the work station, one of our SOP was to write on the logbook an endorsement of our last transactions. My work shift was over and so I need to endorse to her the station and the logbook. When she opened and read my endorsement, she then stared at me smiling and said, "Ahhh! ikaw diay!" (Ahhh! So it's you!)

Hahaha! I sheepishly smiled back and was actually confused of what was really happening. I headed to the crew room and I found out that both of them (the person I was courting and my soul mate) had the same kind and brand of bag. So all along, I was putting my love notes in the wrong bag.

Ultimately, we became lovers and we got married a couple of years later. And now God blessed us with two wonderful kids.

God has His own way of turning things in an unexpected way. His plan is always way better than ours.


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