How To Protect Yourself Online and Ensure Crypto Assets Safety

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What do you do online? Maybe you get information and news, watch videos, communicate with others and get in touch with your friends and family. Now there is a huge shift online and everything moves toward Web 3.0.

The internet is not only for information but also for transactions. You can make financial transactions online and hold your crypto assets. We are so involved online, we have to take online safety and security seriously.

To create an account, you use the password. You can put anything in your password. To protect yourself online, you should go for using a strong password that will be difficult to guess and figure out through social engineering. You can use two-factor authentication to ensure more protection.

Phishing scams become very common these days. Many people lose their money and crypto assets falling into the trap of scammers and fraudsters. You click different links that redirect you to different pages and websites. Be careful before clicking any links. If that's a phishing link and you click to make any interactions, your account will be hacked.

You come across suspicious activity online. You avoid that or protect yourself somehow. But other people may fall into this trap and end up losing their account, wallet, and crypto assets.

When you notice any suspicious activity, you should inform the community so that they can take necessary steps against it. Other people will be careful about that and protect themselves from possible scams and frauds.

You have to keep your crypto assets secure. Where do you hold your cryptocurrency? If you hold your crypto to a crypto exchange or any platform where you do not get to hold the private key, technically, you do not own your crypto. That platform holds it for you.

Anything can happen in crypto. The platform you think is most secure can be hacked or become the victim of a data breach. This may lead to being in a terrible situation. Even if you manage to get your crypto assets back, your personal sensitive information can be out there in public.

Your personal sensitive information can be used to make further hacking attempts and you will lose your money and crypto assets. Be careful where you hold your crypto and give your personal information.

You need to hold your private key to ensure the safety and security of your crypto assets. Crypto gives power back to the people, but if you give it away to others without holding the private key, you will not have control and freedom.

Common sense and security measures can protect you online and ensure your crypto assets' safety. So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments. Thank you for reading this post. That's it for now. I'll be back with another post.

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