Bitcoin Logo Projecting On The European Central Bank Building Gives A Clear Message

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How often do you see the Bitcoin logo outside? Maybe you do not see the Bitcoin logo outside or if you see it, it is very rare. It is fascinating that Bitcoin logo is projected on the European Central Bank building in Germany.

The person who took this initiative goes by Bitman. The crypto community did a great job to spread awareness about Bitcoin. Not only the Bitcoin logo, but there is also a phrase over there showing a clear message. I think that can change a lot of things and accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency. The message is study Bitcoin.

So how did you react after hearing the word Bitcoin when you had no idea about it? Maybe you thought it was not worth paying attention to and you overlooked it. Or, maybe you decided to know more about Bitcoin because of curiosity. Now you thank yourself for taking the first step to studying Bitcoin.

You cannot force people to bring a sustainable change. It will not change their mindset. They will just follow instructions because they do not have any options. When people become curious and study crypto, that will change their mindset.

What crypto offers, that's incredible and you will not get that from somewhere else. We grew up using fiat currency and debit cards or credit cards. That's how people make transactions in our society.

Have you ever asked yourself how much you are losing holding your assets in fiat currency? How much do you really earn in this financial system that impacts your life? You work hard day and night to make money to achieve financial freedom. At the same time, you lose consistently in fiat currency. Inflation negatively affects it and you keep losing purchasing power.

You will not find a supply limit in fiat currency. The gold-backed dollar is history, you are not getting that now. On the other hand, Bitcoin supply is 21 million, and it will not change. The more people study Bitcoin, the more they join this revolution and be a part of a historical change.

Bitcon logo and study Bitcoin message tell everyone what they should do to take the first step. To make any change in our life, it should come from the inside. It is very powerful that will act as a driving force. it will not be easy but people will always find a way to embrace the freedom and control that Bitcoin offers.

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