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In a community, when man and a woman enter into a marriage ceremony the reason is love. No one will enter into such contract not because of love.  They have a mutual understanding on the kind of life they will enter into, and the decision and plans of the future are mutually made and well laid.

It is a contract that entered into by both parties, there was no force intimidation and coercion but it is the will or volition of both parties. Their decision was base of their feeling and belief that they were really meant to be, that the kind of life they will enter is the best for them, that tieing the knot will make their love stronger and gives a sense of security. Thereby creating an ideal and good family and a well establish and peaceful society as a whole.

As what we have observed of today’s generation, not all enter into marriage because of love, but of so many reasons: unwanted pregnancies, forcing the man to marry for the sake of the child, shot gun marriages, unplanned and fast marriages without deep pondering on their emotions whether it is for real or fancy feelings, intimidation by the other party because of insecurity and today’s trend marriage for convenience, to name a few.

These are the reasons of so many failed marriages. Thereby creating a society of broken families, leading to juvenile delinquencies, teenage abortion, dumping of newly born babies, drug addiction and early stage live-in partners. That is why our surroundings was in chaos, we are living in a complicated life.

Morality no longer observed or no longer exist in the minds of these poor victims of broken marriages, who are astray. Fighting for survival is the main aim and goal in life, to have and to grab whatever opportunity that came on their way, no matter what, whatever it may lies ahead in the future. What is important for them is today, and never mind for tomorrow, for they live for today. For what is morality if he dies today of hunger, live in a life of misery and desperation, to be living in the street begging and dying without care, for who cares for them, that even the families they were born with is nowhere to be found.  

So many were taking the wrong path, the road that leads them to nowhere, making them heartless and losing their conscience, committing an actions that only a damage mind could do. That is because man wants to survive, to live a life he thinks he deserved to be, making the impossible to be possible, thus, making him to be among the list of being hunted by the government forces.

The government was making all efforts to solve the problems of the society, trying to correct what is to be corrected, to eliminate the bad elements, create and implement laws for the whole citizens to follow, in order to restore the peace and order of the society, but all are in vain. How could it be possible when the one handling the government are the ones committing or violating the laws and regulations of the land.

With this to whom now the people will follow and listen, when their belief of the government was now tainted. We could not blame that others became leftist, joined a group they believe are reliable, could help solve their problems and uplift their standard of living.  Not knowing that they have followed the wrong path, and when realization came to them it is too late, could no longer get out,  because once inside there’s no way out. So with this, there is nothing they could do but accept their fate, go with the flow  to survive.

These are the realities of life, the truth inside our community. A community built by different kinds of families. In the midst of this chaos and complications there are still families who are struggling and trying their best to live a normal life, giving their best for their children the cares and guidance, in order to  have a good future and  decent life.

 If only most marriages, if not all, are successful, built with a foundation of love with God in the center, outpouring blessings will be showered in the family, producing citizens that are law abiding, advocating peace and harmony, thereby creating a good community. A community where there is light and full of hope for the future.

Today’s pandemic you and I are hoping for a light on this times of darkness that overshadow our land. We make our hope floats that our life will be back to normal, a life we used to be, that despite the hardship and struggles in life we face, we could make it, and surpass all these trials. We are making it today, to face realities with courage  amidst the virus. 

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