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Closing Eyes

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3 months ago

When I opened my eyes, I was suckling the breast of my mother abundant with milk together with my siblings. My father was busy attending my mother a full of concern in his eyes. Giving her a good ventilation to ease the pain of laboring and assessing that were in good condition and will not be rolled over by her belly. Then I closed my eyes saying " were in safe hands."

One month after we were separated from our mother, how I cried longing for her but it was not long since my father take good care of us, feeding us with nutritious food, cleaned us and we can do what we want to be happy. A good provider.

Months passed we're grown ups, fat with round bodies. Many came to see us and they were awed and amazed and my father was happy and proud.

Then one day a man came with a sack, put it on my head and leads me to the truck and so with my siblings. I saw my father in the distance a look of sadness in his eyes waving on us and on his hand a bundle of money and the once sad eyes, glitters and full of contentment.

On our new journey to the slaughter house I recall the day that I was born. I close my eyes saying "I am in safe hands" but now I will close my eyes saying "goodbye".

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