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2 years ago

I was delivered by my mother at home with no doctor or midwife. She's alone pushing me out of this world so thin and sickly, wondering if I able to survive raising me alone with other three siblings.

She's religious, she had a devotion to a certain saint for help to passed the hurdles of life for me to survive inspite of everything.

Every birthday nothing special, just like an ordinary day going to church, light a candle to the devoted saint and a thanksgiving mass thanking God for good health.

Envy is not my cup of tea seeing my friends having great celebrations. What is important to me is the extention of life hoping to 100 years full of energy and strenght devoid of illness.

I'm thankful for friends sending me good wishes, gifts and cakes and I treasure it. It manifest the kind of friends they are.

Thank you God you really love me.

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Present is not important,we can make our own happiness ❤

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2 years ago

I agree but presents signify that they care for you, that you are important and aleays on their heart. Thanks for the comment.

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2 years ago