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Are we missing out?

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11 months ago

I was discussing with two young Christian brothers some days ago and I asked them this very simple question: "if you died and you discovered that there was no heaven or there was heaven but there was no hell, would you regret living the Christian life?"

One of them quickly yelled: "why not? How can I deprive myself of the enjoyment in this world and later find out what was preventing me from those enjoyment (hell) isn't real? In fact, I'll be very mad at God!"

I just couldn't help but responded with "really!" Because I was quite amazed by his response even though I appreciated his sincerity.

The other brother responded thus: "hum..m, if there was heaven and there was no hell I'll be glad to continue living in heaven, but if there was neither heaven nor hell I'll be disappointed to have lived all my life believing in something that isn't real."

His response was very logical and I understood clearly the angle he was coming from. I too would be disappointed believing in something that isn't real but i won't be disappointed with the life i lived.

So I asked them further: "does being a christian restrict us Christians from truly enjoying this world?"

The brother that spoke first the first time quickly responded: " yes na! you think if it's not christianity I would be stuck with one woman when there are so many beautiful women around that I can get easily? I used to club and party really hard, but I stopped those things since I became a christian. Though I must not lie, I behave more responsible now, but if not for Christianity maybe I would still be living my former lifestyle. So christianity is making me deprive myself of somethings that my body normally craves for and if it turns out that heaven and hell aren't real why won't I be disappointed and angry?"

We all laughed when he finished talking - not because what he said was funny, but because of the manner in which he said what he said. The other guy thought for a brief moment and he said: "I won't say Christianity is stopping me from enjoying this world. Though everyone of us define enjoyment differently. Personally, I am living well: I can eat whatever I want to eat, I have the means to go to any place I want to go and I must say that I am living a good life.

In fact, I think my christian life has made me to understand the difference between being responsible and considerate of other people's feelings and being carefree, reckless and selfish. So to me, I don't think Christianity is restricting me from enjoying my life because I have my wife, kids and we have a nice family and things seem to be quite good for all of us. If for anything, I'll say my christian life is helping me to be a more responsible person both physically and spiritually" He concluded.

"Really? So are you telling me that you don't feel left out in some of the things we used to do when we were on the other side?" The first guy fired at him.

"Is it drug, booze, womanizing or clubbing that I will say I'm missing? Or is it anger, occasional violence or cutting of corners that I'll say I'm missing? Man, I love my life the way it is now! All those things we thought were enjoyment then most people are even getting tired of them as they grow older.

Yes, I get tempted sometimes; mostly when it concerns women, but come to think of it, whether christianity or not, it is very wrong to cheat on one's wife and I can't consider such act as an enjoyment when it'll cause someone you love pain and probably destroy your family and what you both have built together over the years. So to be candid with you bro, i don't feel left out in anything. I've been there before and I don't envy those there now in any way because I know such a lifestyle is a wasteful one. Just my opinion though." The second guy concluded...

You see, so many Christians are just like either one of these two guys: some think they are missing out in the enjoyment of life because of their Christian faith, while some are pleased with the life they are living as Christians. Someone once said that: " if I die and discovered there was no God or heaven or hell I won't be that disappointed because Christianity made me live responsibly and relate cordially with the people around me."

So the Christian life isn't just about making heaven or avoiding hell, it is a life of peace, responsibility, discipline, accountability, consideration and love. It's the best life to live on earth because it enables us express our humanity to one another and give us endless hope and confidence. So even if there was no hell or heaven, I won't be disappointed to have lived the Christian life. what about you? What do you have to say about this?

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Written by   1
11 months ago
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Wonderful, we are indeed missing out if we rule out Christ, there is so much we can enjoy and gain with Christ, but many fail to see this

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11 months ago