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Making a Poetry Book For Him

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6 months ago

It was first time making a poetry book, and making something full of love and passion.

Today's blog is different as I am going to share for the first time about having a "special someone".

I had my four months preparation of making a poetry collection for Him. Back in April when we casually talked about birthdays, a thought suddenly popped in my mind: a gift for him that he will surely remember.

I further thought of something I could give him that would cost less because I am still a student and I don't have enough money. Therefore, as I was holding a book I was reading that time, the idea rushed in: I will make a poetry book for him.

Poetry hits different, the passion it radiates, the deep and meaning it gives. Poetry is a window to your soul and heart, and it clearly express feelings despite how the words are played and fashioned.

Furthermore, I relate my whole life in a poetry. I was a living poetry myself, thus, the four months were dedicated into planning, writing, and layouts for my planned book.

On making, I made sure that I would not rush it writing. My goal was to write everything with love and passion so that the outcome as he will read would be full of feelings as well.

The title "August Archives" was from the nickname I gave to him as "August" because it was his birth month, and based solely to my favourite song of Taylor Swift entitled August as well.

I divided the book into two parts specifically for proses and poetries, the title "Uno" for part 1 and the title "Dos" for part 2 were symbolisms that if the reader will combine Uno and Dos (1 & 2) a number 12 will come up: our special number and day.

I would like to share to you all a preview and some excerpts from my book. Surely there will be others who will call me cheesy or corny or cringe but I wouldn't be bothered because I made this out of my confidence and love for writing.


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Written by   18
6 months ago
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