A Woman and Her Power

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9 months ago

Women, in any sort, interest me most.

All my life I have been reading about women, their prowess, and their standing in the society through the years. When I was young and still wasn't that knowledgeable about women, I tended to dedicate my time on reading about them. Questioning how did the toxic inferiority between women and men happened, Why women weren't given equality, rights, and enough opportunities years ago? Why women back then considered as weak?

There were times I shed tears how unfair society is for their unequal treatment. How horrible to see and to know that there are women in many countries that are still suffering from gender inequality up until now. Women who are discriminated for being a woman. Women that were imprisoned differently with toxic beliefs, misogynistic culture and ironically, absurd religion.

As a woman myself, reading about the history of women and their fight of liberation was not easy. Especially when I found out theories about witches who were burn centuries ago that they were normal woman who just know things, who just happened to be extraordinarily beautiful, who just happened to knew their rights and fought for their freedom.

Good thing, as the years progressed, albeit the gender stereotyping did not stop, there were changes that favored women. In different countries born were various of women's movement for freedom, rights and equality.

When did you begin to see attitudes towards women changing in your life, and what do you think prompted those changes? Please give some examples.

Through years, the world has been in the phase of accepting women. The once toxic conservativity was replaced slowly by a progressive change opening opportunities and freedom for us.

Women have the potential and they are tough us diamonds as they are. They were hidden gems, secretly flourished that were needed to be praised, respected. They deserved to be seen and to be recognized by the world not as a mere token but an individual. Hence, women in history that made history proved that.

The once job standard gradually worn off, and more women are now on jobs that were dominated previously by men. Women can now associate with politics, rule a country and not just vote. A small progress is a big progress as well for the women in the Middle East for allowing them to drive, and to do things they were not allowed to do so before.

It is fortunate somehow to be born here in the Philippines because the society has long ago started grasping the importance of women.

Even though there are still occurrences that there are others who become bias in judgement about women just like this 2022 election when the vice president of the Philippines (women) ran for presidency and regardless of her great credentials, clear record and high qualification for the position was bashed, received backlashes, and discriminated because she was a woman in opposed to the son of a dictator who as well running for presidency that time. However, there are still those woke enough and are much educated that I am beyond proud of.

The women here are empowered and fearless. They know how to fight, they are full of courage, and are not afraid to correct what have been done wrong. These are all thanks to our National and local heroines who became the eye opener of our country for fighting for our country's freedom alongside soldiers in the past centuries.

The continuous education about gender equality around the world made a great impact for these woman empowerment to happen. Just like the women of the previous generations for standing up and speaking.

Different programs, sports, and events are now dissipating stereotypical norms in result to the constant women movements. Such as major pageants for letting transgenders to join pageants, and the newest new that the Miss Universe are reportedly to begin allowing mothers and married woman to join on the pageant.

Miss Universe Organization Reportedly to Begin Allowing Mothers and Married Women to Compete

Renésmee Neverfound ㅤ

An aspirant writer and artist. To be found is my greatest dream and never be lost. Hi, I am @rene.neverfound, you can call me Rene or Esme if you like. I specialized in prose-poetry and poetry, and now I am trying new things and writing styles. I am a 17-year-old girl living life in the Philippines. I am a total bookworm, otaku, music enthusiast and a grade 12 student with an undying passion on everything I do. Thank you so much for reading!

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Akala ko nasa ladies of hive ako hehe. Pero ngayon we are a modern Filipina na

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ah yes, i actually revised this from my post there hehehe

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A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong.

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9 months ago

i certainly agree with you

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