The architectural beauty of the Community Village's Sanatorium (resort).

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What could be a perfect hideaway from city life and have a relaxed weekend or spend a few days surrounded by nature than this? This building fulfilled the ideal definition of a community village. It serves as a Sanatorium (resort), a temporary classroom, and an infirmary simultaneously.

I only explore the place for a while, this time, but this would be on my list to stay there and enjoy the place for a few days. Maybe someday...

This Sanatorium is located in the Narayanganj District of Bangladesh, not very far from the capital city, only a 30 minutes drive away. The place is popularly named Zinda park aka Eco park. The area of the park is 33 acres, full of thousands of trees and beautiful lakes.

What amazed me most is the background story of this place. Now it's kind of an amusement park or a tourist spot. But the idea behind it was to build a community village that still served the locals. But it's so subtle that you may not notice their activity.

For example, there's a school, canteen, food stalls, guest room, library, prayer room, resort, and clinic; everything a community needs to survive.

A student forum started to build this place back in 1981. Later expanded it's area and activities. And now it became a beautiful eco-park with lots of facilities.

Let me give you a visual tour of the beautiful place.

The idea behind building this structure is to provide a healthy stay in a natural place with all modern facilities. And I believe they are very successful in doing that.

This is how the place looks from the outside. As you can see, the whole area is full of green and that's the reason the place feels air-conditioned in the middle of the summer.

One of the best things is, the place is very quiet, neat, and clean. I walked on this path in barefoot and enjoyed the environment a little more.

This is the rooftop of the building. They made it in such a way that the top can be easily used for different community activities like any group chat or small party can be arranged there.

The breathing space around the place is what makes it outstanding.

The amazing part is the clever architecture to ensure natural light and air inside the building. The small spaces they gave all around the structure provide enough natural light and air.

This is what the inside looks like. You can see how beautifully it's done to ensure the usage of natural resources.

I wish this could be done for all the next-gen modern structures.

We have found that some of the rooms are being used as temporary classrooms. Many come here to have training seasons that serve two purposes, learning, and healing/staying in a healthy place close to nature.

You can see the place is full of natural light. Isn't it amazing?

There are some other places in the park like the library and the food hall made in a similar way so they can use natural resources and reduce carbon emotion a little less.

You may have already guessed that this building is newly constructed and not fully in operation. I believe, when it will be done this place would be one of a kind in our whole country.

Because of the peace and calmness, I felt while exploring the structure, the amazed I felt seeing the cleaver design will surely attract many.

This will surely be on my list to stay there for a few days if I get the opportunity.

Have a good day, everyone.

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I love a place with lots of trees because it feels like the is so clean. Also, it is cool that place can be a multi-purpose such as classrooms. Thanks for sharing this, Remona!

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5 months ago

The place was kind of an adventure for me. This was the first time I have been to such a place. Thanks for your words. :)

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5 months ago