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Social contribution - We don't need to have 'more'.

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2 months ago

I was pretty confused about this when I was young. My thought was people need to do bigger things like running a charity or making employment opportunities to contribute to society. That was a foolish thought for sure.

Growing up with this, I came to realize our culture and social perspective has a big role play on designating this thought. I have seen how housewives, women in general get less in every aspect of life because they are not the 'so-called' contributor to society. Here, you have to have a government job, a high-paying job, or a top-notch business, and only after that people will recognize your contribution.

Things are changing now but there are still people like me who are confused by this. I have seen many who are not sure if they are doing anything good for society or if they add any value.

What we can offer is a big question.


Even if you have nothing you still can offer many things.

We can start from zero. From what I understand, we can make life better for the person next to us, our partner, and the people who we care about. By doing so, we sure bring peace and happiness and that will make an impact on society as a whole.

Moreover, our kindness, in talking to and treating people, empathy, and gratitude practice can make a huge difference. All these may seem silly but they have a tremendous impact.

It takes nothing to do these only our willpower.

There are so many other things we can do for free like volunteering in some help/support projects, mentoring others, sharing our knowledge, and helping others to grow; all this adds up.

Who said, we need to be rich to be social contributors?

Also, the tax we are paying, the plant we are growing at home, and the small charity we are doing here and there; all are adding up.

What I understand is, that as long as we are social beings, we all have a responsibility to add something good, to offer something for the betterment of society. Don't be foolish like me that you are doing nothing or you have to be 'something' to become a contributor. You already are. Also, pulling yourself from anything that has a negative impact is sure a contribution to the betterment of society.

If you are into something bigger, then congratulations. You are already doing great. But if you are not, don't be upset or wonder about what you can offer. Remember, we always have something better to offer, we always can make a difference, and we can add value in many ways.

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Written by   116
2 months ago
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