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Exploring the Sajek Hill on foot!

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2 months ago

It was 6.15 in the morning and we all were awake to see the beauty of the mountain. We have already seen the mesmerizing sunrise on the first day of our tour. This time we intended to enjoy the beauty of the mountain, have a cup of coffee, and chat on our resort's balcony.

But guess what?

I couldn't resist taking a walk down the amazing trail.

It's not uncommon to see the indigenous carrying huge water pots on their head and climbing the mountain fearlessly. I was seeing a few women doing the same on the very morning, from our resort's balcony. It was so tempting, I asked my group mate if they want to take a walk down there. Everyone was too tired so I alone went to explore the hill.

Let me share what I have seen.

These are the women I'm talking about, they were carrying water from the fountain that is located 450 feet down, and they were climbing the hill having those huge pots over their heads!

The hill has these stairs for around a hundred feet and then it became sloppy.

I have no experience in hill tracking nor did I intend to talk about a long walk around this place. But the view was so mesmerizing, I didn't think much but went down.

To be honest, I was a bit scared. There was not a single person on the way. I have heard that the track is popular because of the wild pigs. I too saw their manure. The two water ladies went by and I was all alone by myself.

Then after 30 minutes, I got to see a man with a huge dagger in his hand!

Keep reading to know what I have found...

The track was too slippery, my shoe became muddy and I couldn't hold myself on the track. Then I decided to take off the shoes and walk bear foot!

I know the locals usually carry a dagger to cut off the trees and for their safety in the hills. But seeing the man on the empty track while I was all by myself sure made me fearful. I was avoiding looking at him.

But he asked me where I was going as this is not a tourist spot or anything. I told him I was just roaming around and that if I get to the waterfall (I mentioned the ladies carrying water), I will come back to see it.

He told me there was no way I can do that. The path is too slippery, I am alone, there were pigs on the hill and it's not safe at all.

I knew he was telling the truth and for my safety, I went back after him.

I know it was not a good decision to roam around all alone in a place like this. But the safety and security of the hill zone are top notches and that's why I choose to do so. I agree I didn't think much about it and I shouldn't do that.

This valley is 2000 feet from the sea level. I went down about 300 feet that day. This is the view of the mountain, where I stopped my walk and decided to went back.

It was a story of the mountain and the cloud. I went down and saw how the cloud was steaming out by the sun's rays. It was such an experience I would probably not be able to have for another many years. Or who knows, maybe never!

I was scared, it was not a good decision but I was safe. On top of everything, I got something in my bag of memory to talk about, to cherish for a long time.

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Written by   131
2 months ago
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Once i travelled in a tribal habitat in Netrokona. That was Hajong palli. When i was climbing the hill, becase they live on the top of the hill, i saw something like this. A women of above 60 years old was taking water from down to top.

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2 months ago

Carrying a pot on head was normal, before. Maybe time of our grannies these era?

If I am on her foot? I might ended up wasting all the waters

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2 months ago

That's so brave of you to explore the place alone. Maybe next time bring someone who knows the palce very well.

But it was a good thing that you walked Bak for your safety

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2 months ago

Wow! 😲 What a beauty of Mountain my friend. It's really beautiful that's why I love mountains. 🥰

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2 months ago