One-up "The Great Reset"

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2 years ago

The World Economic Forum (WEF) serves as a sort of central platform for globalist corporate bankers (for lack of a better word). And there is a plan afoot for a "Great Reset," outlined here. Those currently at the top of the financial pyramid know something 'has to give.' The people want a better economy. So? How to pull this off and stay on top of the food chain?

This is what the WEF is promoting. A "Great Reset" that will shuffle the decks below, while keeping the same people in power at the top. "Now is the time" they say.

And, sadly, there is, today, no other plan. The globalist, corporate banker movement is well ahead of the game. They have the plans to put in place. They have the money to do so. They have the power and control (read more here and here outlining this is not the right people and not the right ideas). Is today's 2020 chaos being used to push the Great Reset? And/or did the Reset need a pandemic for the elites to propel it to the finish line? Story.

The question then. How can the people flip the script?

We the people need to wake up to the fact that we are indeed the ones that hold the power.

The people are just afraid to use it. Many people sense change is needed. Many people want big changes. It is time to start talking openly with others about the inner calling and bringing a better world to the surface. It won't happen through the same old guard. New ideas and a different approach are needed. A whole new name too? A total restart; that isn't led by Goldman Sachs.

It is up to you; to start today.

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2 years ago