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Where are you cupid?

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2 months ago

A bow in his left hand, an arrow in the right

He makes sure that no one would be missed in his sight.

Finding two-piece puzzle, he's a puzzler,

A piece should fill the emptiness of the other.

Seems like he's playing a random shooting game

And he is an athletic archer cause he really aimed.

He never missed, he strikes the perfect two with charms

Now their hearts set ablaze for each other's arms.

But why on earth he makes a fool me?

Cause I'm the only one who dreams endlessly?

Tracing the stars to form an image of her,

This nightmare of loneliness I cannot bear anymore.

When will the arrow of love pierce into her heart?

How long will I wait? Right now we're still apart.

Where can I find you Cupid? I will steal your arrow and bow,

'Cause, it seems that you just wander around, flying to and fro.

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