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Key Learnings in Career Shift

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1 month ago

"If one door closed, another door will be opened."

This quote somehow very common but yet it has an impact on someone, especially this time of crisis. The majority of the world's economy goes down, much small business stopped, transportation ceased, and some of the regular employees became jobless.

Though it is a tough time for everybody, there's always an opportunity in the midst of a crisis.

I am a teacher for 3 years, I am not expecting to become a call center agent, but since this industry remains firm in the midst of crisis, there's still a lot of job offers posted on social media and other websites. I tried this because I have been retrenched from my previous school because of a drastic drop in the level of enrollment.

As a teacher that shifts to the BPO industry, these are things that I learned and I want them to share these with you.

Key learning 1: Jump out of your comfort zone.

Shifting careers may not seem easy, yes it NOT that easy! Nothing is easy in the first place, but since you don't have a choice, you need to step out of your comfort zone to find a job that is a stranger to you. If you will not jump, you will not know what will happen, take a risk to take that small jump out of the comfort zone and you will find, there are so many things outside that you can learn.

Key learning 2: Having fear is ok but staying fearful is NOT!

Unfamiliar jobs can bring us nervousness and somehow makes us fearful of doing it. We tend to doubt our skills, our knowledge, and our capacity to fulfill the job. But overwhelmed by fear can cause us to stop trying, blocking motivations to learn new things, and start to suppressing ourselves that somehow in the future you are capable of doing so. So take heart, and lessen your fear every day.

Key learning 3: All decent jobs are NOBLE.

Teaching is a noble job and profession. Yes, I definitely agree with that! But this is not the only job that is noble. All decent jobs are noble. All decent jobs require knowledge, skills, ethics, and values. No job is better than another. Maybe in terms of salary or position, we already saw a hierarchy and levels, but in terms of the aspects that I mentioned above, all decent jobs are the same in nobility. So don't be ashamed of what decent job are you in, as long as you perform the job to serve others, you are in a good place.

Key learning 4: Make time to improve yourself.

From one career to another, it seems that you became a student again. You will undergo training that is different from your previous job. Take this as an opportunity for you to grow. It only shows that you are gaining other skills that you are not familiar with, but in the future, you will master them and became part of your self-improvement. Do not stick to what you already have but explore for something that you can gain and utilize to perform your tasks.

Key learning 5: Nothing is permanent.

All things are subject to change. If you cannot adjust to the situation, you will be overwhelmed by the troubles that it may bring and you may be depressed. It may give you anything you don't like and remove things you are currently cherishing. Learn to let go and take in. Continue to improve ourselves even though in the midst of this crisis. Because negatives and positives always teach us something.

New venture, new discoveries. New obstacles, new opportunities to learn.

Stay safe. Stay motivated. Stay focus. Stay happy. Stay learning.


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Written by   2
1 month ago
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