Food Journal: Remembering my Rice Noodles 🍜

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A few things in life really confort me, and food is one of them. Althought I didn't had a very good relationship with food in the past, today I can't think of anything that gives me the same pleasure that food does. So, I decided to venture with anyone who wants to read me, to make a journal of my favorite recipes, how I like to eat them, and of course, the stories that go with them.

I can't remember the first time I tried Asian Cousine, but I do remember that from that moment on, I wanted to try more. One of my brothers took me to eat sushi and I was hooked, and then we watched the Food Channel together and tried to recreate what we saw. sadly we couldn't find most of the ingredients that are usualy used in Asian recipes, Oyster Sauce, Fish Sauce, Sesame Oil, etc etc. But we invented new stuff using what we could find in our local store.

Many years had past and our situation is not the same, economically speaking, but I still try to recreate some things; last year I made Eggrolls and even made my own wrappers! This year I found these...

The last time I ate Rice Noodles I believe was in the year 2014, and I used to bought them in a local store runned by chinese people and funny enough, there wheren't many chinese products, only our brands and products, so finding these kind of things was absolutely exciting because it allowed me to enjoy things that not many people in my country do not consume regularly.

You cannot believe how exited I was a few months back when I saw them again, this time in a "Gourmet Shop" and my God they where expensive! 2.5$ one packet! But I saved my earnings in Hive Blog and was able to bought two. And since I couldn't wait to try them, I made a simple but tasty Cold Salad using the following:

I was gooood! I felt so much joy when I got to try them, I almost couldn't wait for them to chill in the fridge before I ate them. But I put myself toghether and waited the stimated time to serve and enjoy. My God, all those memories of a time pased where as joyful as they where overwhelming, because, as I enjoyed my meal, I remembered the time when I could do this any time I wanted and that time is gonne.

Still, I had one pack left and the next weekend I did the salad again, this time with a Fried Egg on top! Glorious! Anyway, i don't have anymore to make, and sadly, the shop doesn't have them anymore. But the memory remains and that will have to do for now...

Let me know what you think in the comment section!

Blessings to all✨✨

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