Affirmation you can say before going to sleep to get answers from your dreams

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What we experience during the day, or the sounds and images we are exposed to, can form the content of the dreams we have at night. That's why sometimes when I do dream analysis, I ask, "Did you read any articles or watch any movies before going to sleep? The reason is that I try to understand whether the content of the dream is affected by external factors. Unfortunately, if it is influenced, it does not provide us with a healthy analysis.

Therefore, it is very important to calm the mind before going to sleep. For a healthy dream process, we need to cleanse ourselves from the effects of the day. I have often shared what we need to do for this in my previous articles.

For example, you prepared for sleep with a question or a sentence of intention and then watched a video on social media. At such moments, the unconscious takes into account the last recording. The content of your dream becomes completely different and you evaluate the answer to your question or intention very differently.

Therefore, especially if you want to get information from your dreams, from your inner knowing side, I recommend that you fall asleep with a rested and clear mind as much as possible. Then the dreams you see, the symbols in your dreams will give you a healthier direction.

I would like to share an affirmation for those who are reading this article. You can say this affirmation just before you go to sleep for a week. Before reading this affirmation, make sure you do what you need to do for your body and mind calmness; take a shower, do breathing exercises, meditate... With such rituals, you can see and analyze healthy content.

My dear higher self, tonight I intend to purify my body and mind of all my contradictions, resentments, resentments, anger that I may or may not be aware of, that I may or may not be aware of, that I may or may not know, during my experiences up to this age. I know that my higher self will find the best solution for me, that it will always guide and guide me. I accept and intend that all the experiences I go through are the most appropriate experiences for that moment, and that whatever I go through has a developmental effect. I know that my love for myself always surrounds me and supports me to realize my existence. I now better understand that whatever I am going through is about me, and that no situation in which I blame and judge others will get me anywhere. I thank everyone who has come into my life so far, who has guided me. Knowing that everything is within me and about me, and accepting my own self as the best choice without judgment, I lovingly accept and approve you to convey to me through my dreams the steps that I need to solve and move forward from now on. I thank my higher self for always supporting me.

I wish you to have dreams full of awareness and I hope to see you in my next article...

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