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Conventional Ways To Live Healthy

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4 months ago

The increasingly advanced era makes life easier to carry out all the activities that exist in this world. But the progress of the times is not always applied in everyday life because every country or territorial area still attaches elements of tradition based on old ways that are influenced by cultural elements.

Dedication to past life

This suitable sentence that describes the atmosphere of the past is still remembered in the hearts and minds of everyone who lives in rural areas because the influence of tradition is still very much felt when carrying out life activities.

Back in the old days

This is what happened when I had a meeting with office mates in a remote area in the hills far from settlements. The place is very cool and free from pollution but there are interesting things that I enjoy there.

Fuel From Coconut Shell

Grilled Freshwater Fish

When I arrived at my destination, I went straight to the back of the villa and I gasped when I saw the activity going on there. The fire that starts to smolder and ignite from coconut shell fuel gives a delicious aroma even though the smoke is very stinging when struck by the naked eye.

Fire made from coconut skin is indeed used as the basic material for burning all types of fish because the aroma and coals of the fire are very suitable to be used as fuel. The heat can last a long time so that the fish that will be grilled can be cooked to the bones.

Enjoy the traditional way of life because it is good for the body and the earth

Many asumi say that the earth is getting hotter day by day due to global warming. The cause does come from our actions as humans who use various activities or products that can harm the earth. The use of fuel has never been prohibited but the effects it causes will have a negative impact on health.

Let's apply a healthy lifestyle by reducing the use of chemicals for the process of cooking foodstuffs because when we start in the right way, the lives of our children and grandchildren will feel the beauty of the earth.

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Written by   64
4 months ago
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Ohh, wow.. We also do that in our grandfathers house even they have gas stove to used they want to used coconut shell in cooking their food. They like it because of the aroma of like burning that effect the taste of the food.. And he said that it is more delicious when it cook in coconut shell or wood..

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4 months ago

it turns out that you have also felt pleasure by eating grilled fish from shells and wood. This traditional method is very unique and the food tastes delicious and natural.

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4 months ago