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SmartBCH, MuesliSwap, AxieBCH, Knuth & LawPunk NFTs explained in a practical example

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1 month ago

Welcome to the YT channel of The Real Bitcoin Club, in todays learning experience we will explore SmartBCH in detail, watch this video to follow the process, enjoy the path from $100 to $1.000.000 within just 50 years:

Update: I splitted that video in two parts and the second half is now available on as episode 3 because some people might have been annoyed by the techno background music, anyway I recommend you to watch the full video to get all the information.

After watching the video, visit TRBC - The Real Bitcoin Club to learn about the background of our journey since 2017 delivering, liberating 500+ souls on planet earth and educating 100+ businesses on BCH and DASH, travelling many nations just spending Bitcoin without a bank account for 6 years nor touching paper money for the past 3.5 years.

For any questions, please post them into the comments of the video, thank you for your curiosity and support, like, share, subscribe.

If you would like to collaborate with us in promotion, content creation or programming on our open source code base send me a message on TG @felizbitcoin

Have a nice day my alien friend

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Written by   122
1 month ago
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