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BCH online poker series with SLP NFT bracelets

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1 year ago
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I would like to propose a marketing campaign for the casino games on

As it is possible to self host tournaments on (even making a profit if that is what you want in the long term, so you could promote and profit at the same time)

I personally will host a small tournament with 1BCH prize pool and 0.01 BCH buyin during any week of december, putting the BMAP brand logo in the middle of the table.

Anyone who hosts a tournament can upload any gfx, so you could also make a free ross charity tournament (just some inspiration)

There are endless possibilites, but you need someone who manages that tournament series.

I am an experienced poker player with more than a decade of professional experience. I know what tournament structures players want (as you can even choose your own tournament structe on

I also would be able to promote that and I would do that all voluntarily.

If you want, I can come up with a concrete proposal/business plan on how we could host a xmas tournament series for one week on

I would like to host a minimum of 7 tournaments, while it would be great to also have some teaser tournaments at the weekends before the series. So alltogether 10 tournaments would already be a online poker series.

Then the winners could win SLP tokens like NFT bracelets. So we would have a BCH online poker world series with real bracelets, we could repeat that series each year in december, that is when online poker is booming always.

You can also just take this idea and manage it yourself, but the results wont be the same if you are not working with the community, because any community member could host some side events along the series to attract even more players.

So if would make the first step, putting up a guaranteed prize pool of 10 to 100 BCH (of which half of the prize pool would probably be losses as we will not get the required amount of players to make them profitable if we are shooting for promotion)

Then it might be easy to convince sideshift to hop on board and host some side events or any kind of BCH project, could host a side event, once they understand the big opportunity to promote especially to poker players who have a lot of cash and love crypto.

satoshi dice would also be interested most probably.

Please forward this email to your games management, would be happy to hear back from you guys, otherwise I will just propose the same thing via a flipstarter campaign to raise the funds, which in anyway could do additionally.

So the thing with raising funds via flipstarter is largely dependent on the "reputation" therefore it wont make much sense for me to do that alone as I am very controversial and I dont want to invest my time in something that has a low chance of success. But if the flipstarter campaign would be started by Roger Ver himself or games then I am sure we could raise the prize pool to something like 100 BCH which would be incredible and truly relevant to many professional players, which would then play for the first time on

I know where to advertise that series, I am in many different online poker communities, I would be happy to voluntarily promote that series, its just a question of how high the prize pool is. If the prize pool is high enough to attract mid stakes players, that would be huge, but already for low stakes it would be great and would bring huge traffic to later on.

I also put the management in the email as CC, they might also be interested in sponsoring the flipstarter or doing it themselves or whatever.

We just have to plan this out and it will work for sure!

This december is the only chance we have! Next year december would be the next chance but who wants to wait one year to grow adoption if we could do it right now?


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Written by   122
1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, BCH,, NFT, SLP, ...
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