You can take that to the bank! Really? The Bank?

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2 years ago
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"I'm sorry sir. Your card has been declined." said the cashier.

I pulled out some cash and asked how much, paid, and was on my way with no problem.

The above dialogue will not be possible when the new digital currency comes about. Some say it will be the USDC (United States Digital Currency) and others say it will be tied to our physical activity and the payment system will be part of our anatomy (See patent by Bill Gates for this idea). Any way you slice it, there will be no option to pay outside the system once this is implemented.

The ruling elite are salivating over the idea that there will be no escape. Comply or die! Shut up or starve! They are inches away from selling us this bill of tyranny and they cannot help but take at taste of that ultimate power which they will wield so very soon.

What am I talking about?

I am bringing up the last four years of bans on social media. People cancelled for speaking out against the official story. Do that, and you lose your twitter account. Continue and you cannot monetize any content. Stand your ground, and you no longer have PlayPal. The worst offenders get a letter from the bank saying their accounts are closed.

No, that just happens to the crazy people. Alex Jones, Roger Stone, etc.

True! It was just a few. The masses still feel fine depositing their money into the bank. "That check will clear. I have plenty of money to cover it."

Oh really?

Enter "The freedom convoy."

Justin the Cuba baby, just told the people of Canada that it is no longer safe to put your money in the bank (I cannot wait for total implementation, can you?). It is not your money! He may as well have said it from the podium, "My fellow Canadians, if you step outside the circle and speak out against anything I am saying, your money is no good here any longer!"


They froze bank accounts of all who were geo-located at the demonstration in Ottawa. Luckily, they still have cash, if they can withdraw it that is. But if people end up going for the new system, there will be no cash.

Enter the Ukrainian conflict.

Soon there will be all out murder of Russians anywhere that they are found, as there was just before WWII. But, before we get there, the elite are following Justin Castro and cutting off banking assets. If you do not tow the Nazi party line, you are cancelled. If you are Russia and attack the Nazi rule in Ukraine, then you cannot spend any bank bonds that you invested in, no flying commercial, private jets cannot fly outside Russian air space, and your cash rubles are no good anywhere else except Russia.

Yes, but they are attacking civilians.

Ask the people in Ukraine who is doing it. A post by @angryman - watch the video before it is taken off of youtube.

Common Sense

If you buy your twelve year old son a slingshot and he promises not to use it. You are fooling yourself. He will try wads of paper (the PlayPal bans), then he will try plastic pellets (the Freedom Convoy ATM card bans), then he will just have to see what kind of damage it can do (to the Russians who are fighting Nazis). These are your selected leaders. Kids in a slingshot store.

What Nazis?

Head upward one paragraph and watch the video! I have been watching them for over eight years. Funny that CNN will not interview the people.

Crypto is new. It is not easy to understand or even trust. It is not as easy as an ATM card. You have to know people and speak to them. You have to meet and change real money for paper. But if you keep doing what is easy long enough, you will have no skills under your belt to resist the coming slavery.

Invisible Cuffs - Invisible Solitary

People will walk the streets while starving to death. Every day people will have no way to help. If you buy food and hand it to them, then you will join them.

That's crazy!

Really? People were put on the banking black list for bringing food to the truckers in Canada. People were arrested for bringing fuel to the truckers. The government wanted the truckers to freeze solid. That is what happens in -30 without fuel.

Okay. I AM going to go there...

they are playing with the plastic pellets right now...

We are very lucky that they are tipping their hand. They cannot resist and are using what they should have saved until later. But this is only good news if we see it, take it in, and use it in order to beat them at their nasty game.


Learn crypto! Download a wallet. Find someone to sell you some. Keep the amounts small until you lose your first set of keys or mess up in another way. Take the hard knocks and then download another wallet and use the precautions you learned.

Teach crypto! I regularly go into stores and pay with bitcoin. I first talk to the owners of stores. I walk them through a wallet download, wait for them to write down the seed, then I sent him some bitcoin (litecoin better - faster). Then I offer to buy some merchandise. In today's post covid world, people are starved for sales of any kind. It takes me fifteen minutes extra to buy what I would have bought anyway, but I now have a list of places where I can buy things when the shit hits the fan.

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2 years ago
Topics: Slavery, Banks, USDC, DClub, Crypto, ...


Overall, it was a good read, and I am not the regular Joe. I knew something was not right with the war, and I knew that the news was not telling us all the information nor showing all the pictures with the bodies lying everywhere just yet.

And the Canadian bank ban is just a taste of what is to come in the future. Once an entirely digital currency is enforced, it will be the start of the end for freedom for sure.

People don't understand what digital money will do to their freedom because people are too busy being enslaved at work that they don't have time to think or research anything. Most people will only find out they are about to be put into sleeping rooms once they are right at the place where your body is converted into ashes.

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2 years ago

talking about the bank. I only have a bank account for transaction purposes only. I don't put my money in my bank because I will only earn a little percent from my savings. I put my earnings into my crypto wallet, invest it and let it grow. better that way than putting it in my bank. And crypto wallet is safer than having a debit card.

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2 years ago