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FBI Fails

I have been upset with the FBI since I heard about them taking possession of the Hunter Biden laptop (from hell). I said to myself, "Good. They will do something about this finally." I waited and waited and the election came and went.

Joe won, though he could not complete a sentence, and nothing about the laptop. I was making comments here and there saying that this is akin to aiding and abetting poor hunter and his crimes. That was over two years ago and they still have done nothing. Zilch. Zero.

I held back judgement through all the 5:00 a.m. raids on people like Bill Binney, Roger Stone, and Trump's lawyer's office. But now, they are just being as obvious as a Chicago shake down about it!

Movies and shows.

I have lost all respect for this organization and that was well before the raid on Trump's home. My kids are sick of me pausing every movie when the FBI is called in to ...
To do what? To hornswoggle someone? To shake them down? To offer criminals a free pass if they give them a bigger fish? Racketeering!, that's what I call it.

Anyway. They are sick of me pausing any and all shows to rant about the FBI having zero credibility at all. They should not have to hear it either. These are just thugs with machine guns. How about I just turn anti-gun. Pull those bad boys out of their hands and see how tough they are knocking on people's doors.

Who are these guys that can lie to you, but you cannot lie to them? That needs to be reversed. If I can go to jail for one year for lying to the feds, then they need to have a five year sentence for the same offense. They know about the investigation - you may or may not. They do that for a living and they should be held to a way higher standard in the realm of lies. I say they pay for lying five to one.

Let's see, what else?

Some sacrificial lamb was just walked out of the FBI as a retirement gift? There they go again. That is an obvious lie. The kind a five year old tells when mom catches him.

If you are retiring, you get a cake and a card - you are not walked out by security.

Recently retired FBI agent Timothy Thibault claims a probe will fully exonerate him from claims of bias in the Hunter Biden laptop case.

  • No! You sat on it in order to sway an election!

The firm representing Thibault claims he 'did not supervise the investigation.'

  • The fact that they had the laptop and did not act on the porn, guns, and drug usage is by definition bias

I am not going to go into every aspect of this overly rehashed story. I am just sick of the inaction by federal agencies in general. If I fail to report a crime. Any crime. And it is proven that I knew, then I am culpable. They failed to prevent an extremely embarrassing international incident from taking place. More than one. So should they be culpable - TIMES FIVE

I am not going to threaten anyone there. I will simply not comply.

Joe has had more than six of his laws executed for a time, only to be deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

This guy is a repeat offender!

We are talking "Three Strikes, You're Out." TIMES TWO

I say we vote with out taxes. Get a breakdown of where the tax money goes and start knocking off percentages for the agencies that no longer comply with our standards. Then send the rest in if you are so inclined! It is a new schedule of deductions.

These agencies and bureaus are illegitimate and any child can see it!

They have their little arms behind their backs and they are swearing they did not take the cookie!

As a side note: We do not pay their salaries. The debt they are racking up will never be paid by us or our children. These people have no clue what "accountability" is. They are not going to pay it with our money or anyone else's. They only know how to print more and send it off to some place else.

I heard that the salaries they are going to pay the new IRS employees with could put a cop, full time, into every school in the nation. And there would still be nearly two billion dollars left over for coffee and donuts. So, let's say they did care about school shootings...

They do not.

Going back to the Shmoe that they just walked out of the FBI

Tim Shmoe cartoon

Does anyone remember Bernie Madoff? Yeah that guy. Poor sap!
He was walked out of work that day and had to go think about what he had done. Right?

That is not how it went down. If Bernie was sent to jail to await his fate, then so should Mr. Shmoe - end of story.

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Topics: FBI, Corruption, Lie2Liars, DClub, Rant, ...