Putin's Credibility vs. that of CNN and the like.

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2 years ago

Why is it that Ukrainian death and misery flourished eight years ago, ended four years ago and is now flourishing again.


Why did ISIS flourish during the Obama regime, raping young children, crucifying their parents and beheading anyone who was not of Muslim faith throughout Syria, but ended just after Trump was elected?


I have been watching facts related to the Ukraine and Russia for all eight years that they have been a factor.

You would be best informed if you simply take all that is said by CNN, MSNBC, BBC and other corporate media outlets and reverse their stated meanings. Their track record over the last fifteen years or so has been completely wrong at best - made up and opposite of reality the norm.

On the other hand, Putin's track record has been that of control, sacrifice for humanity's sake, and measured aggression in order to bring about change for the better for the entire world.

Both you and I are sitting here at home making judgment calls from our computer screens. Would in not be prudent to look at the track records of all involved and give the benefit of the doubt to the party that has regularly been proven to be a telling the truth? Conversely, those who have reported false information, should be completely disregarded as long as they chose to do those kinds of things.

Russia has been a peace loving nation in recent years. They only engaged in battles that would curtail crimes against humanity. I give you the Sryia and the battle against ISIS. Russia single handedly defeated ISIS after years of fighting them during Obama's administration, while Obama routinely dropped arms and equipment into ISIS territory, always "by mistake" dozens of times.

Trump has taken credit for the defeat of ISIS but he did almost nothing to bring it about. He did bomb an empty hanger just after his inauguration, but that is it. Russia had suffered many losses and lost hundreds of troops in the battles leading up to their defeat and had planes shot down by ISIS and Turkey who obtained the latest American weapons.

Jet downed

Looking back on the Ukrainian hostilities, the ones that magically disappeared while Trump was in office, I watched the peoples of the Donbass regions fighting the Ukrainian military to defend their homes. They lived in their basements for years as one offensive after another ruthlessly pummeled them for no reason. And these offensives, without exception, took place within one day of Joe Biden's departures from Ukraine. Yes, every time he traveled to Ukraine, an offensive was initiated just after he departed. I followed reports of Biden's travels and made this correlation myself during that period.

Historically, Russia has been defensive as long as I have been alive. I have heard and believed the news outlets in The U.S. most of my life and was constantly disappointed having been had, like the victim of a prank feels when had. It happened over and over until I said "No more! I feel better now having learned to read the signs and identify propaganda. You will feel better once you do your own fact checking on what they are telling you.

Putin has said that civilians are not being targeted. That there is an open road, designated for safe passage for anyone who wants to leave Kiev. He said that he will only be in the Ukraine as long as it takes to de-nazi-fy the country. I believe him because I saw the Neo-Nazi forces rising to power in 2014, so they are there.


When it is all over, I do hope that Nancy's son, Kerry's son and Biden's son are among the dead for selling out their country to the Neo-Nazi regime that was installed in Ukraine. Their loyalties are clear. You might not like what I am writing today, but remember it because Russia will be in and out of Ukraine and will later be touted as having staved off another wholesale slaughter of the Russian speaking peoples of the Donetsk Republic and the Lugansk Republic.

I trust Putin way more than I trust Nancy, Mitch, Adam, Chuck, Joe, Kamala, Hillery, Barry, George and the rest who chose to profit and launder those profits inside the Ukraine, via the bought and paid for government there. Of course, there is zero trust for the corporate media. In my opinion, they are incapable of putting forth a truthful article or story.

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2 years ago