Fourth Vote is a Charm 🧙‍♂️

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1 year ago

After three votes yesterday, no joy. I'm wondering what is happening in the background overnight. What are they planning?

Today's vote starts at 12:00 p.m. Eastern.

This could go on of several ways...

I think the Dems might have a signal that they have arranged in case Jordan is getting close to receiving the required votes, then they just look at each other, blink a certain way and then vote for McCarthy with the majority of required votes to complete the election process of a speaker. Gavel

There's a chance that the Dems would talk to the RINOs and again have a signal where the RINOs vote for Hakeem, in which case everyone will know that this was rigged and the sellout RINOs will not stand a chance of being reelected without cheating next midterm. It would mean they're showing their colors, their true colors. But, when you think you have the system under your power, like Joe does, you can do the obvious.

Or it could be that money is moved overnight, deals cut, and something else is arranged but I think certain Republicans stand on principle and will not be moved by money.

Three Kinds of Representatives

There are the ones that are patriotic, motivated somewhat by backers and endorsements but in general they are trying to do the right thing.

They are outraged for real when they talk about the corruption, crimes of forbidden passion, outrageous spending and money laundering that is obviously going on. Their actions show that they are fairly decent people. You can tell which ones I am talking about by how the mockingbird media treats them. Some of them even prompt a sort of derangement syndrome when the news talks about them.

A good example, though not a politician, is Elon Musk. He now holds up documentation that threatens them, so they call out all bought off media to smear him.

There are the ones that are free and they could do whatever they want but they sell themselves to the highest bidder,so they are bought and paid for and somewhat obligated to please their master.

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Then there are the ones who are beholden to an indiscretion. It may have been 20 years ago or it might have been something that has become a habit but either way, they had once gone to a conference, a meeting or convention and when they got back to their room, there was a teenage girl or a teenage boy waiting for them. Gotcha! It's all recorded and held over their head forever ver ver er er r.

And finally, there is Joe Biden who diddled his wife, killed his ex-wife in order to marry the one he diddled and has been publicly diddling children on camera for more than half of his life. He's a special case and not one of the three kinds of politicians. Old Joe... The books that will be written after the trials.

Either way we will know in a couple hours whether something was arranged in the catacombs overnight.

As always, time will tell. Check the smugness on some faces when they walk in today. I predict something surprising.

Side note: What was with all the children present yesterday? Did someone order pizza? Maybe hotdogs?

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1 year ago


It is the one problem we have in the republican party, and you kind of alluded to it in your post, and that is that republicans have standards, think for themselves, and don't generally toe the party line. That's a GOOD thing by the way. Because of course it means we stand for something.

At the same time, sometimes we adhere to these standards to a fault, and it makes it harder for us to win elections.

In 2020, if we are to believe the outcome of the election of Joe Biden, the votes cast on our side were not votes for Joe Biden. They were votes against Donald Trump. And we lost, the country be damned, but hell, we stuck to our laurels, right?

For whatever that's worth. We should have voted AGAINST Joe Biden no matter what anyone's thoughts were about Donald Trump for the better good. But here we are.

We did the same thing during the mid terms. The democrat "win" of sorts, and the lacking "red wave" was not a vote FOR the democrats or an approval of what they are doing. It was, again, a vote AGAINST Trump supported candidates and therefore, a vote against Trump.

Because one with laurels, who did not like Trump on our side, would assume that if Trump candidates took the wins by storm, it would lay in stone Trump's 2024 run and potentially seal his nomination. Republicans who thought against this voted against this and secured yet another win for the democrats.

Now, of course we know that Trump strongly supports McCarthy to be Speaker. So, is this debacle just another vote from laureled republicans voting against Trump?

At the end of the day I think there comes a time when we have to set aside our personal ideology, our personal beliefs, our personal distaste of someone, and simply acknowledge that the republicans have the better ideas overall, and we NEED the win to STOP the democrats in their tracks from the destructive policy they want to engage in.

If we continue these antics, we might as well kiss 2024 goodbye.

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1 year ago