Founded on the words "Be Offended"

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But don't break the law.

Has anyone heard of Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Jonathan Brandmeier, Kevin Mathews, Mancow, Mark Dice, or Howard Stern?

Men on the bleeding edge of offensive, but within the law.

They each had their niche in comedy, albeit on the radio or stage, and they were all offensive to someone but others loved their colorful pranks and ways of thinking.

This guy serves in the government and he was asked about his 'offensive' comments on protesters recently.

One side or the other are going to be offended in every case. I am offended often by fat hairy men shaking their buts in toward a group of children but I am told to shut up and told that I am afraid of these same men. No. I am afraid of what they are doing to the children. I would still be concerned if the same classroom had steel workers, fresh from the job site, dancing dancing around for the delight of six year old children - due to the odor if for no other reason.

some would say that is offensive. what do you say to them? "Be offended."

Freedom of speech is just that. Drag doods with wigs are allowed to go to a public place and state their views. People should be offended if they do not like it. That is what America is all about.

Here in this country, we are allowed to work hard and make millions of dollars or we can choose to smoke substances all day and waste away. You can be offended when you drive by a mansion or do the same when you drive by a mile of tent dwellers.


I am not saying that the massive homelessness is due to laziness, but it is due to having been taught to sign for things and pay for them later. Sometimes "later" comes with brutal honesty. That is a lesson I had to learn in my mid thirties.

Two Sides

I had watched people gather in front of Planned Parenthood centers for dozens of years. They were never allowed to block entrances or go on the company's property. By the way, never were any future parents helped with the planning of their family. Also see: Military Intelligence and Jumbo Shrimp.

There are laws against people gathering on or around the private property of Supreme Court Justices, or any other judge for that matter, and those laws are being broken. Police stand there and watch while people break the law. Are they worried about offending the protesters. I am offended that they are not doing their job - or that they do it so selectively. People from the other side were never allowed to gather or remain near the house of clinic owners. The law should have no bias one way or the other!

It is about time that people legally offend others. The founding fathers of America were so offensive that they had to write their opinion pieces under pseudonyms. I write what I want to here on Hive because the world has become a place where only certain kinds of people can do X, Y or Z while others cannot.

That, my friend, is wrong!

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1 year ago
Topics: Opinion, Fact, Homeless, Debate, Abortion, ...