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Do humans have to rely on their logic?

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1 year ago
Topics: Christianity

Many people think that logic should be separated from faith. Logic will deal with realistic things on the other hand faith is more concerned with what people believe.

That is really false. Faith is fundamental to people's lives, no one can live without faith. The problem is because many people believe in the wrong faith. Wrong faith can be in terms of belief in the wrong object as our logic.

In this case, wrong faith will lead people to think in the wrong way. So, their judgment also false. 

Sin makes humans confuse to distinguish which one is right and wrong.

As a result, many misinterpretations in life. One is right can be blamed, on the contrary, the wrong one can be judged as a right.

How to solve this problem? Back to the only truth that is Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

How can we know His will? By reading the Bible every day. Why? This is because the bible is God's word. Philosophy or Science only help human to understand about the nature of the universe but they are not making human understand about the right and wrong.

As a consequence, many intelligent people make wrong decisions in their life because they depend on their own logic not on God. So please back to the bible when we want to make any decision in our life. Do not depend on how deep our knowledge or the variety of our skills because there are very limited. Depend only on God because He is unlimited in every aspect.

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